Yemen’s Houthis fire ballistic missile at Riyadh

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for a loud explosion in Riyadh, saying they fired a long-range ballistic missile that travelled more than 800km over the border with Saudi Arabia.

A spokesman for the rebels said they launched a Burkan 2-H missile – a Scud-type missile with a range of more than 800km – towards Riyadh late on Saturday.

“The capital cities of countries that continually shell us, targeting innocent civilians, will not be spared from our missiles,” the spokesman said.

Saudi Arabia says it has shot down a long-range ballistic missile that was fired towards the capital Riyadh by Yemeni rebels.

The loud explosion was reported near Riyadh’s airport as the projectile fired from neighbouring Yemen travelled more than 300 miles across the border.

Footage posted on social media shows black smoke in the sky near King Khalid International Airport.

Saudi Arabia says its defence forces intercepted a missile “of limited size” north-east of Riyadh and that it did not cause any damage or injuries.

Al Masirah, a TV network run by the Houthi rebels, also claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter.

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