WINDOWS 10: The old things you need to learn newly

I have had to work extensively on the newest version of Microsoft operating system for both desktop and mobile devices. The first good news is that if you disliked Windows 8’s full-screen Start screen, the new Start menu is a combination of the start menu of Windows 7 and Windows 8, inclining on the left side of the screen and presenting that familiar column of shortcuts.


By Yusuf Jimoh Aweda, a Lagos based Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

By Yusuf Jimoh Aweda, a Lagos based Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

The metro tabs immediately comes up beside it to make a gorgeous display. And of course like in Windows 8, you may type words to search for apps too.


Moreover, I found out that somethings have changed completely compared to the approach many were used to in the previous windows.





The custom of Microsoft was to put Windows update on the left pane of “Programs” interface under the control panel. Many developers and software enthusiasts love to disable updates sometimes so that it won’t interfere with their apps or technologies.

This has changed completely. One needs to go to Settings, and if you attempt to click Update and Security. You will still can’t find anything like “Don’t Install Updates ( Not recommended)” like in previous Windows.

The best way to disable Windows update is to go back to the Settings, Click Network & Internet, Click on the Wifi, Scroll down and click advanced option, then check the “Metered Connection option”.


Microsoft Edge Browser


Microsoft Edge is the new browser from Microsoft that has replaced the “tired” Internet Explorer. Prior to this time, web developers could not run their web technologies on the previous Internet Explorer which would disrupt the structure of a website with extremely horrible outlook.

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Microsoft Edge has all the enthralling features required of a modern browser that can run modern technologies. These include support for extensions, a reading mode that strips websites down to their bare essentials, and a new rendering engine that’s appreciably zippy while you’re browsing the Web pages.



Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant Cortana will drop suggestions into the address bar as you search, and it helps in gathering important details and also alerts you about a flight delay, reminding you to pick up something from a supermarket, or brings to your consciousness when you are supposed to meet up with someone in a meeting or prepare for an examination.

Cortana is a powerful virtual “robot“ that remembers what you need. To activate and set it up on your Windows 10. Click on your start button and type “cortana”. You would need your hotmail account to log in. Yes, you would never say “I am sorry for coming late again”.



Among the things I have tried to play with is the creation of personal apps any of the celebrated programming lanuguages. I shall show you how to make your first Windows 10 app within two minutes.

I would be programming a “Hibernation App”. You may know Windows 10 did not come with Hibernate button pre-enabled. You may have to enable it manually through the power option. But then, you can build it as an app for fancy navigation.

Go to your desktop and right click any free area , click the “New” option, then the “shortcut “option. On the item location text area, type “shutdown –h”. Click next and type “My Hibernate Button” as the shortcut name. Click Ok.

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Your app is now on the desktop. Right click it. Click its property, click the shortcut icon, and change icon to your desired image. Then right click again and click “pin to start”. You would find it on the start metro tabs when you click your start button.



By Yusuf Jimoh Aweda, a Lagos based Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

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