Why Zuckerberg chose Mama Oliech’s restaurant over Kenyan’s 5-star eateries


The Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg, caught many by surprise when he sneaked into Kenya, heading towards Mama Oliech’s fish joint shortly after he landed in Nairobi.


With billions of shillings at his disposal, many wondered why he chose Mama Oliech’s over the many five-star restaurants in the city.

Interestingly, nobody at the popular city eatery expected the international tech company boss to dine at the spot, as he gave no notice of his lunch plans.

The staff simply continued about their business, not knowing that the founder the world’s foremost social media networking company was at the popular fish joint.

If it was not for Mama Oliech restaurant manager, Kevin Oliech, they would have probably never known that the casually-dressed CEO was partaking of their famous ‘rech’.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Kevin, who is the younger brother of top Kenyan footballer Dennis Oliech, said that he was surprised to see the tech tycoon perched on a seat, patiently waiting to be served.

Oliech went on to say that Zuckerberg enjoyed whole fried tilapia and white ugali – a dish that the famous guest said he enjoyed.

“One of my favorite parts of traveling to a new country is trying the food. I enjoyed ugali and a whole fried tilapia for the first time and loved them both!” he posted on his Facebook page.

So, what made him choose Mama Oliech?

“We ate at Mama Oliech Restaurant, a local place everyone recommended,” he explained on the now viral post.

SOURCE: edaily.co.ke

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