Zafaran on why science fail humanity

By Miftaudeen Raji, Lagos

Dr Zafaran Adeniyi delivery a lecture

Dr Zafaran Adeniyi delivery a lecture

Foremost Islamic preacher and prolific writer, Dr Zafaran Adeniyi, Wednesday remarked that science has failed humanity.

He made the remark in a lecture he delivered at a public lecture organised by the Muslims Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), University of Lagos branch.

Zafara, who is the chairman, Management Board of Vanguards Academy,
Odosengolu in Ogun State, noted that ordinarily science was a stage in human development but that it failed to condition man to respect God.

The theme of his lecture was “gods and goddesses”.

“Science has failed to condition man to respect God. So it has made itself god as against God the Creator and owner of science.

“Science has failed to tell us why we die. It fails to tell us
why those people, who die never return.

“But religion has made us to understand that man has to die in order to be accountable to God for his deeds.

“Of course, ordinarily science is a stage in human development that has made many things easy: transportation and technology communication generally but the main thing in man is morality.

“Though science itself is not evil but the agents evil.

“Now we have the social media. You can see the evils. You can see the use of technologies to perpetrate frauds and the likes.

“So science, to a large extent, has made a lot of things so easy but
looking at the impact morally and spiritually, it takes people away
from God.

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“It makes them Godless and heartless. Science itself is very
good only that people at times misuse it.

“It is only in religion that we can get the answer. Science is not
religion, though correct religion teaches science because science is
not God so it cannot inform.

“These are what men invent or discover, but God is the owner of
everything so only Him can tell us those details and the details are contained in religion.

“When read the Qur’an, books of Islam, you are told this will happen and that will happen. Theses are messages of God through his Prophets,” Zafaran said.

According to him, science discovers for people how to fly a plane and provide insight into new communication technologies but cannot tell us what happens after death.

He said that that was what made science not to be complete or perfect.

On how to engage Christians in intellectual discussion, the prolific writer said that a Muslim must first learn to read about Islam.

“You cannot just challenge Christianity if you do not know your Islam.

“You must be grounded in Islam because the environment we are living in is Christian-dominated so we need to interact with them because Islam says we should call everybody to Islam not just Muslims alone.

He said that the next step would be to read and know the doctrines of the Christians.

“We have to read about what they have, to as to enable us understand their weaknesses and loopholes in their scriptures among other things.

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“We have to do all these so that we can be able to retain the Muslims in Islam.

“Some Christians are intelligent and we must be highly knowledgeable so that when we engage them, we can be able to win them back to the right path of Islam,” Zafaran said.

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  1. Sumayyah sikiru

    The change that our world deserves in order to return to motility and spirituality, begins with each individual. God has endowed humans with sufficient ideology to change the world for better, and that is where science comes in. We have to stand up and say no to abuse of technological resources and do things right. The science -provided materials that we have today can be used conversely to their purpose. So, it’s every human’s responsibility to take the challenge or till eternity, science will continue to fail humanity!

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