WHY Nigerians Must Occupy National Assembly

Many Nigerians still doubt the sincerity of intention of the organisers of the April 26 #OccupyNASS, despite the overwhelming public perception against them and their arrogant grandstanding that shows our lawmakers care less about the voters that relinquished their sovereignty and entrusted them with their mandate.

#Occupy NASSWhile some abhor corruption and dislike the Senate and members of House of Representatives because of their anti-people policies and ‘lootery’  tendency, they still maintain that the movement is not borne out of sincere love for the Nigerian people. They see it as a vendetta, inspired by the anti-Saraki-Atiku caucus in the ruling party.

They also posit that Saraki would not have been on trial today if he had not emerged the Senate President. Some could not just let go their love for Saraki despite his betrayal to the party that produced him as a Senator and the leadership that mid-wived the party in the first instance.

The Cabal Existence

But what many are not aware of is the existence in the National Assembly of almost an invincible Cabal (full of hawks and sharks- stinkingly corrupt) since Obasanjo-Atiku days. But with the emergence of Buhari-Osinbajo, the only thing left for them is the NASS and their accomplices in the Judiciary, both within the Bench and the Bar.

Members of these Cabal transcends political parties, religions, tribes and regional boundaries.

They are multi billionaires- captains of industries, oil moguls, owners of major media outfits among others.

The NASS members wallow in an illusion that, with the cult-like relationship of the super-rich and highly powerful, there is nothing in Nigeria that cannot be achieved as long as they wish for it- irrespective of people’s perceptions or opinion.

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Take it or leave it, the Cabal and its members are currently prosecuting a monumental battle.Though they have prosecuted many expeditions in the past but it appears they are fighting their last Battle- The END of an epic movie.

Corruption is Fighting Back.

Atiku and David Mark are the faces of the Big Bosses but Saraki is the face of the current Battle just Dino Melaye is the evil genius Errand Boy, considered as the most suitable man for the dirty jobs.

Though they often play on the vulnerabilities of the poor masses, exploiting their primordial sentiments whenever they run into trouble waters but it appears Nigerians are now wise up and #OccupyNass may just be the beginning of an end of the corporate existence of the Nigerian legislature.

Yinka Salaam is a journalist and a social commentator
Voice of Nigeria, Lagos

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  1. Adekoya Abolore

    If NLC, TUC and other activists stand up for the masses and convey at National Assembly for days. The looters will surely curb their senseless acts

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