When World’s Silence Reaches Lowest Ebb

By Moshood Hakeem

On the 24th of June, 2012, President Morsi was elected by 51.7 per cent of Egyptian votes, defeating Ahmad Shafik, the erstwhile Prime Minister.

On 30th June, he was sworn-in, thus becoming the first democratically-elected President of Egypt. Within a year, precisely on the July 3, 2013, he was viciously overthrown by General Abdul Fattah As-Sisi, through a military coup.

President MorsiPresident Morsi was arrested, and charged for murder and incitement of violence. Now, President Morsi was handed a 20-year sentence! This is a flagrant disregard for the wish and desire of majority of Egyptians, who voted Morsi.

It runs contrary to all known ethos of democracy in any sane clime. It is pure subversion of the people’s wish. Sovereignty of Egyptians was diabolically trampled on.

At Rabaa, Egyptians came out in their millions to express great displeasure and disenchantment against military coup.

Instead of el-Sisi and his men retracing their steps and align their thought with Egyptians’, they opted for pogrom and went on killing spree. Rabaa incident became one of the world’s worst contemporary massacres.

imagesJ09RPUBDWomen and children were callously crushed by Armoured Personnel Carrier. Maiming, torture, and brute were unleashed on unarmed and peaceful protesters.

Many were extra-judicially arrested and jailed with no just course.

Last year, thousands of Egyptians were sentenced to death. Their sin was that they clamoured for the restoration of their stolen mandate. This is unprecedented in world’s history.

I cannot understand the rationale behind the world’s silence. Where is African Union? Is Egypt no more on the map of Africa? Where is United Nation? Is Egypt not a member? Where is Arab League? Are Egyptians no more Arabs?

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Where is Amnesty International? Are Egyptians not worthy of your defense? Where are the global rights groups? Is Egypt not within their scope?

This issue goes beyond religion or race. Upholding the tenets of universal brotherhood and solidarity must remain sacrosanct. We must not turn a blind eye to plights and sufferings of a people as a result of differences in creed and colour. We must rise to the defense of these hapless people.

Egyptians are earnestly yearning for your help and assistance. We must speak against evil and injustice. Our silence makes evil thrive and gain unbridled access to our collective freedom. We must speak up so that vices do not triumph over virtues. Neutrality or in difference do not help.

We failed to tame Mubarak, el-Sisi reared his ugly head. If we do n0t tame el-Sisi, right now, let’s expect someone worse than him.

Injustice to Egyptians, is injustice to all.

Hakeem writes from Lagos

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