Visit of A Lifetime: Pope Francis Visits the UAE

Pope Francis in UAE

The historic three-day visit of Pope Francis to the United Arab Emirates was unprecedented. It will go down human history as first of its kind.

It is on record that no Pope had ever paid an official visit to any Gulf State. Pope Francis broke this immemorial jinx. It was a memorable visit.

The visit of the Pontiff will not go without some sweet memories. Pope Francis, who has made outreach to Muslim communities and countries a cornerstone of his papacy, wrapped up his visit on Feb. 5, 2019. He attended an open-air service.

The pope waved at an enthusiastic crowd carrying Vatican flags and banners, as he drove into Zayed Sports City Stadium, where the service was held.

– The Pope visited the Abu Dhabi iconic Mosque.

– He signed the Human Fraternity Document (the document calls for peace between nations, religions and races).

– The Document was also signed by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmad At-Tayyip.

– The Pope and the Grand Imam signed to reject the word ‘war’.

– Pope Francis gifted Sheikh Muhammad bn Zayed An-Nahyan a medallion. A medallion means a large medal, usually decorative.

– The announcement of a new church and mosque in Abu Dhabi, in honour of the visit, was made.

One touching moment was when a little girl ran towards the Popemobile to hand-deliver two letters to him. No one knows the content of the letters.

The girl’s name is Valerie. She’s a Columbian. The Pope had to force-stop the motorcade and bless the brave girl.

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The biggest enemy of Islam or Christianity is the ignorant Muslim or Christian, whose ignorance leads him to intolerance, and whose actions destroy the true image of his religion. When people look at him, they think that Islam/Christianity is what he is.

The essence of my write-up is to show how sweet this world would be if Christians and Muslims could love one another. I have special feelings for Catholics. My mum was born Catholic.

My uncles, aunts and cousins are Catholics. I attended a Catholic school. I have many Christian friends (real life and online). I love them all.

I respect their creed. To attain a peaceful world, we need love, tolerance, justice and respect for each other’s doctrine.

Why do I have to hate you simply because you’re a Christian! Why will you hate me because I’m a Muslim! After all, our religions are Abrahamic.

We worship one true God. We worship the same God. Some people may want to disagree or argue on this. The fact is, we worship the same God!

By Adejare Ibrahim

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