Usaamah Adenowo: My Son, His Turn, A Teacher’s Tribute to His Student

Allah (SWT) has again decreed that death plucks one of our fresh, ripe fruits. A real hope indeed. A missionary icon he is. Back then in Vanguards Academy, he was such a little lad. Adhaan and Qur’an were his companions. His thin thrilling voice brings all to Salaat.

Late Usamah Adenowo

Late Usaamah Adenowo

His unusual consistency and doggedness to the khusaric tone are till his death. He recited and taught the recital of the Qur’an with all the melody, balancing and symphony of Sheikh Khaleel Khusary.

Meeting Usaamah any time, that is the first thing that comes to your mind. Tilaawah of the Qur’an was a life, not a hobby to him. He is gifted in ever having smiling face, cool talks and analyses devoid of biases.

He is a great son, a student determined to live for the mission of his parents and teachers. No elder or associate can fault the humility of Usaamah. He was always seeking to know and practising what he knows even if the whole world moves in different directions.

A young Barrister, first for Vanguards from the University of Ilorin, where Prof Mobolaji Abdulhakeem, lectured. Both have amiable nature of being friends to all.

Usaamah, who was called to bar in 2015 after his law school in Adamawa, did his national youth service (NYSC) 2016 in Imo State, involved in several Islamic activities from secondary school till death.

He joined the University of Ibadan for his Master’s degree programme, which he was yet to be complete. He got ill at a time but got over it; joined a law firm to practice earlier this year after he has been trained for about six years of rigorous learning, drilling and research.

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But death has no feeling or concern for academic pedigree. Its irresistible fingers spare no mortal.

This young charming lawyer is the firstborn to his parents. They call his father, Abu Usaamah and the mother Umm Usaamah. That Usaamah has now gone to a world of no return. But we will not stop calling them so even when that Usaamah is nowhere in the world again!

Why will death take a child and spare the parents? Parents who are older, more travelled, have been enjoying life! It is because age is not the parameter for death.

Usaamah is yet to get married but his sister Asmau has, how will she see life now along with other siblings, now, one of them has gone! Asmau is now the eldest of the children. Fear will grip Muhammad and others but a departed brother has advised that we remain patient.

Like his predecessor, Mobolaji omo Alhaja, in an accident he also died. Mobolaji was fasting but yet to pray Maghrib, Usaamah prayed Maghrib but could not observe the next Salaat. He could did not also get home for the next thing he planned to do or plan for today, Monday, as a Lawyer.

Probably, he might have a case he is to attend to today. He has gone while the case remains. This teaches the reality of being conscious of every moment we spend and the last moment we spent!
Now, all of us are feeling the pain of departure, he will soon be lowered in the grave but none of us will follow him.

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The reality of the deaths of our Vanguards so far… AbdulQuduus Afolabi, Oni Abdullah, Barakah Adesina… and now Usaamah Ibn Abdrasheed Adenowo should awaken our spirits to devote our lives to Allah (SWT). Let us rethink our ways and attach the right values!

Vanguards Academy and VAOSA have lost a great missionary icon that is destined to mobilize the world. Every death is a moment to talk to our souls. It is not really about the ocean of tears but the fears of the last DAY we must reinvigorate in our souls. The scene of the corpse should remind us of the scenes of our sins.

O Allah, have mercy on our son, forgive all his shortcomings. Accept and grant him Al-Jannah. Grant the parents and family the patience to accept your decree. Show us mercy before you take our lives and same at death and afterwards.

To Allah, he belongs, to Allah, he returns.

By Zafaran Adeniyi (PhD.), Director, Vanguard Academy, Odosengolu, Ogun State

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