US police officers ‘handcuffed and raped me’ – 18-year-old girl alleges … officers claim sexual acts were consensual

An 18-year-old girl says two New York Police Department NYPD officers raped her after arresting her for smoking pot.

The girl that was gang raped

The girl that was gang raped

Media reports say two detectives and their supervisor have been stripped of their badges and guns while the NYPD Internal Affairs’ Bureau’s investigation is ongoing.

The young woman said in a statement: “I’m completely brutalized by the rape. Now every time I see any police, I’m in a panic.”

She says she was driving in the Coney Island area of New York with two friends, when they were pulled over by police on suspicion of possessing illegal substances.

According to her attorney, Michael David, she was handcuffed and driven by the police officers to a secluded spot where they forced her to perform sex acts on them.

The young woman says she sought treatment in a New York hospital after the incident, which took place in September.

The officers in question did not deny the sexual acts occurred, but both claimed they were consensual, according to the New York Daily News.

“We’re aware of the allegations, and Internal Affairs is conducting an investigation into certain members of Brooklyn South narcotics,” a spokesperson for the New York Police Department said.

Teenage girl deny police consensual claims

Meanwhile, the teenage girl who claims two NYPD cops raped her in handcuffs at Coney Island has come forward on Twitter to describe her ‘shock’ at their claim it was consensual.

Teen at the center of shock NYPD rape allegations speaks out through lawyer  She says one NYPD detective raped her and another forced her to perform oral sex after she was caught smoking pot on Coney Island.

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Detectives Richard Hall and Eddie Martins have been placed on modified duty.

The two detectives, from the NYPD’s Brooklyn South narcotics squad, did not deny the sexual acts but claimed they were consensual, police sources said.

Teen tweets link to story about the case, expresses shock at cops. Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and NYPD Internal Affairs are investigating

The 18-year-old girl, who tweets under the name Anna Chambers, shared several links on Friday to stories about the horrifying claims, including one by, writing ‘SHARE THIS, yes its about me’.

That tweet has since been deleted, and the girl declined to offer her real name, but her lawyer Michael David confirmed the account was authentic.

‘She was shocked that the [cops] would say it was consensual after everything that was done to her. She wanted to get the word out,’ David told the New York Post.

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