The Story In Rythm {MSSN UNILAG}

There was once a CITADEL

In it, multitude acquired INTEL

Spread across all HOSTELS

In this our university MODEL

It goes by the popular LABEL ,

I’m sure you know “M.S.S.N”

But, detested by ‘religious INFIDELS’

It served as a Base where many LEARN

It heightened our taste for more REWARD-EARNS

Made us case study for knowledge YEARNS

Everything was peaceful, Muslim students were “BIEN”

Then there they came, spoilt everything DEARN!

They creep into anywhere peace LIES

Like angry locusts and hungry LICE

They wage slander and tender LIES

They are multi-sided like  gambling DICE

Everywhere they penetrate, obfuscation RISE

And all they claim is “we’re godly and WISE”

First it was allegation letters they wrote ANONYMOUS

It didn’t work, they planned something SYNONYMOUS

Then they accused falsely by a lie so ENORMOUS

“They are thieves, they embezzled much MILLIONS! “

And happily they said it about with no REMORSE

But Allah, against all liars, He SURMOUNTS …

They claim that the jamaah is pure BID’AH

Yet, they gather in secret places to plot HARM

They even hold their camps and HALQAHS

Yet they claim that groups are all NULL

O Allah, save us from hypocrisy BEHAVIOURS .

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” they THOUGHT

So they teamed with their enemies to stop US

To revive what they destroyed, we were all called to CAUCUS

Still their alliances tried to cheat on US

But Allah grants victory to those on the right HORSE

My fellow Muslim students BEWARE

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Of lies and doctrines you may HEAR

FOR these sects, than devils are DARE

They’ll concoct anything to make your minds UNCLEAR

Before you believe their lies, make your findings SEVERE

The truth is Allah’s way, He’ll soon make it CLEAR

Peace be unto you, be in good WELFARE.

#drey~Skywalker ™

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