The spirit of Ramadan: A Journalist’s narrative

Mob justice

I lost my Worries for 30 minutes in Ile Ife. I was at Iremo area of the ancient town on Sunday, May 20, 2018, at exactly 11.53 a.m. when I heard people shouting “thief, thief, thief “.

As a journalist, I walked towards the noisy area, then I saw some thugs surrounding a cripple  Hausa man who stole a TV set with some amount of money.

I heard the Hausa man speaking in his Hausa language that one could easily understand his statement with his gesture  as “Walahi I have no money, I am so sorry “

I had started pitying the Hausa man because I know that the thugs would beat him to stupor for stealing.

To my surprise,  one of the notorious thug popularly called Oluremo who specialise in beating thieves to coma, while addressing his co-thugs in the Yoruba language said:  “Leave this man, he is an Hausa man, and he is fasting.

Let me assist him by giving him #500, whoever has any amount of money can give him “

My mouth was opened like a crocodile’s mouth as I observed Oluremo and his colleagues contributing money to the Hausa man. I also can’t describe how I removed #50 from my pocket to give the Hausa man.

How I wish such charity could continue after Ramadan.

By Sodiq Lawal

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