The Revolution Is Coming…….

Revolution Protest
When, away from home, I heard of Sowore Omoyele’s call for revolution, I could only see it as an exploitative agitation of a smart guy. I know Omoyele very well as a student at the University.
He was my SUG President. I wasn’t involved in campus politics, but we interacted very well as best of friends. I, therefore, make bold to say that I know Omoyele from head to toes.
Even lately, as he prepared to contest the poll, he reached out to me and I expressed my sceptical view about his aspiration. In the long run, I was proved right. Omoyele Sowore is indeed a political fraud. If he had won, Nigeria would have definitely been put on auction by now.
His recent call for #RevolutionNow# is indeed perfectly illustrative of his exploitative character. He could only take advantage of people’s failure, not because he has an alternative to the political quagmire in the present order; but simply because he enjoys substituting tyranny with dictatorship.
However, to be fair with him, it’s only a fool who would deny the impending revolution. Even if Omoyele did not call for it, revolution is undoubtedly imminent.
Sowore’s idea may not be well-intentioned, a revolutionary outburst is already gaining momentum amongst the populace.
Who told you that there wouldn’t be a mass uprising eventually in this country?
There has never been a nation ruled by human vultures for three consecutive decades without suffering the collective anger of the oppressed. Sowore is only trying to take advantage of the ripe situation.
Humans are kidnapped for ransom at gun points by fellow humans, or abducted and slaughtered for rituals like goats. A child watches his mother die of a simple ailment, for his lack of money to seek medical attention.
The youths cross the desert to seek a living. Those who are domiciled in foreign countries live like slaves. You can hardly walk the street without being begged for a token. People’s eyes are laced with tears, but we all pretend as though all is well.
The youths seek consolations and respite in social media. We discuss football, politics, entertainment and conceal our individual pain. The most unproductive amongst us is the most active on Facebook.
Five years after graduation from tertiary institutions, youths still rely on their parents for economic survival; and those who have no parents to sustain them resort to crime. The youthful ladies and girls in every neighbourhood have turned to elite bitches.
This is exactly the main reason why the restive boys could be easily mobilised by Sowore for his so-called revolution. The boys are graduates, in whose youthful faces poverty is boldly written. On the basis of this wretchedness, Omoyele Sowore quickly scripted his deceptive thoughts!
Thus, they became his tools for seeking global recognition and making money. But indeed, both oppression and exploitation have an expiry date. Sooner or later, those boys will stand against him in a revolutionary outburst.
Is there any difference between the deceptive style of the Shite leader…?
You need to see the errand boys clamouring for the release of  El-Zakzaki and, in the process, dying for him. Each time I see them, I am moved to tears.
You’ll see them dance in Abuja, at the Federal Secretariat, the Human rights commission office in Maitama and the National mosque, with songs of war.
If you compared their youthful look with those of Zakzaki’s children lost in the battle,  you could easily distinguish the nourished faces from the mal-nourished ones. The late children, what a painful loss, were schooling in Eastern Europe before the unfortunate calamity befell them.
However, most of those boys, dancing and protesting in the streets of Abuja for Zakzaki, are hardly educated; and more painfully, they’re probably lured into the creed with the cheap sex of Mut’ah, and not by any conviction!
But sooner or later, the revolution is coming and the boys will rebel!
The Sunni Muslims, who hate El-Zakzaki’s ideological gut, have their own oppressors too – it’s all about cash in foreign exchange. For example, if we need cash in Makkah, we transfer to some Nigerian accounts for an exchange in Saudi riyal, whatever the amount, in the official rate.
This is a huge world of crime in which people’s conscience has perished so easily. Last week, I asked one of my students, who is now studying in Makkah and also deals in this exploitative merchandise, how he was able to have access to so much money; and he confessed to me in good faith:
“Ustadh, the money we get from here in the name of humanitarian services at home, but which is now difficult to take home by flights as we used to do – as a result of Saudi’s new economic policy, we hand out here to pilgrims like you who would then transfer its equivalence in naira to our Nigerian accounts”.
If you then asked them what they use the money for…
They build Masaajid, dig boreholes, sponsor schools and teach Tawheed, like no other. But they also multiply their wives, ride in luxury cars and live in mansions; while the jobless, poverty-stricken brother who frequents the halqa rides in Okada with his veiled wife to the program, if he doesn’t trek!
The other day, in February, when I was in Umrah with my wives and children, one of those smart youthful clerics desperately needed a group of people to help him smuggle the money, amounting to $113,000 to Nigeria.
My student then brought him to me; and they came, begging to divide the money in $10,000 amongst my family, to prevent being charged with money laundering, while negotiating a share! I turned it down and proudly walked away.
Anyway, If these guys didn’t devise a means of making much money from the pure-hearted  Saudis, Allah knows how they would have survived at home with four wives and many children, because they didn’t learn a trade – tailoring, carpentry or bicycle repairing; nor did they go school…
They may have schooled in traditional Arabic centres; but unlike their colleagues from the same centres, they’ve forsaken the skill of jalabi – an alternative way of exploiting the people – acquired with practice! Of course, they are doing dawah, but the society has no provision that caters for the men of dawah.
To have thus secured a green opportunity to swindle the Arabs, they’ve finally succeeded in the trade of mischief; but they must kindly take care of their hapless students who are willing to learn, but suffering as well, otherwise they’re as exploitative as the jalabi traders!
Mark my words, those brothers who are very innocent and sincere in their thirst for the Deen will someday rise up against the petrol dollar shaykhs who use their pictures and audio-visuals to make a lucrative demand outside the country.
They will rebel against this prevailing tide the way and manner that the sheepish clients of the Sufi/ jalabi swindlers will rise against the criminals who call themselves scholars. That day, may Allah preserve our lives, the throne of satan will tremble in fear!
But the worst revolution, and probably the most violent, will hold both in the church and the corridors of power. We all know how exploitative is the church today. With all the moral absurdities that hold in the “house of God”, I wonder how churchgoers retain their “faith”.
The swashbuckling church leaders in the designer suit are the smartest oppressors, the world over. Church management is what Lawrence Caren, in his book – “Matters of the conscience” has called the new trade of the spiritual bourgeoisie in the exploitative era of religious capitalism.
But sooner or later, I forsee a river of blood dripping off the severed skulls of the church conveners, daddy G.Os, the men of god, priests of the holy order and of course,  the celebrated shepherd who chose to make the innocent sheep their sources of comfort.
When these finally happen, the revolution has thus begun, for the false political hegemony will naturally collapse, so that the political truth shall reign supreme. How the true revolution will run its course is only known to God; but definitely, the revolution is coming!
By Abu Mazeedailthayr Bn Sa’eed
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