The Many Crimes of Zionist Israel on African Migrants

The crystal plights and sufferings of African migrants in Israel can no more be ignored in the minds of human rights activists and many people of alluring conscience. The mayhem encountered by African migrants in Israel has not yet come to a halt.

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A recent video of a right-wing member of the Knesset, Oren Hazan has dominated the centre of the discussion of another racist and unpleasant comments on African migrants. He appeared in the video talking about how migrants who came from “the black lands” brought Africa to Tel Aviv instead of taking Tel Aviv to Africa. “Instead of taking our technology, instead of taking our way of help, of care, of everything”.

He goes on to say: “Now, they are getting married, they bring kids to the world. And we will stop this too”.

Hazan also added: “They don’t even have a culture!”. He beamed his controversial comments on the government saying: “If you don’t kick them right now, then they will kick you in the future. You need to destroy the problem when it is still small.”

The Zionist state of Israel that is illegally occupying the Palestinian lands has about 40,000 African migrants; 27,000 of them from Eritrea, 7,500 from Sudan and about 2,500 people from other African nations. The huge population of the migrants are African Christians who have been deluded with lies about how ‘sacred’ the Israeli occupied terrains are and admirable respect the Zionist state has for Christianity.

They have forgotten that Palestinian Christian women, children and unarmed men face the worse of human rights violation from Israel daily. Many of these migrants entered Israel through Egypt before Israel built a fence along the desert border hoping to end the illegal crossings.

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Prior To These

In January 2014, an Israeli man walked up to an African refugee carrying her one-year-old baby in downtown Tel Aviv and stabbed the baby in the head three times. This generated lot of attacking comments from the International communities, calling on Israel to make the stabber face the law. Yes!, he indeed faced the law in an ‘Israeli way’.

He was apprehended by the police and asked why he had attacked the toddler, the stabber said, “They said that a black baby, blacks in general, are terrorists.” The stabber of the one-year-old African baby was not sentenced to jail time, because he was deemed to be mentally unstable. This is a typical ‘law’ faced by Zionists in the apartheid state and Zionist regime of Israel.

In the following year, an African refugee, Haftom Zarhum, was shot and beaten to death by a mob of Israelis in the central bus station of the southern city of Beer Sheva. Zarhum was horrendously descended upon on the premise that he was a terrorist – although he had done nothing to deserve that bellicose appellation, in fact, not a single African asylum-seeker in Israel has ever been charged with any terrorism offenses.

The baseless smear is to create an excuse to shield the inhuman actions on them. The killers were later given no jail time, only community service. One of the killers accepted the light punishment while the three others vehemently disagreed, believing that they don’t deserve even that pitiful punishment.

Haftom Zarhum was the first African refugee to be lynched by Israelis in a public place, in full presence of CCTV cameras, but he would not be the last. The following year, two Israeli teens killed another African refugee, Babikir Ali Adham-Abdo, beating him to death right outside of the city hall of Petach Tikvah, a Tel Aviv suburb.

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The killer teens were relieved of murder charges and only convicted of manslaughter. Thus, they will likely be released from jail in a few short years. This synopsis shows that African migrants face grave dangers of staying in Israel.

The damage done by Netanyahu and other far-right officials have aggravated the dangers surrounding the existence of African migrants in the region. When the government’s racist rhetoric is the only frame of reference most folks have for African refugees, they can easily be convinced that, like Palestinians, the Africans deserve to be despised.

The Prime Minister’s Aggravation of the Crisis

The Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu is also accused of adapting anti-African migrants policies, especially after he cancelled an agreement with the UN refugee agency to relocate thousands of African migrants to Western countries in April 2018.

Netanyahu has once associated the African refugees as worse than terrorists, in an obvious attempt to ridicule them and paint them as enemies of the state, in order to justify their impending expulsion and an un-ending violence on them.

He again associated refugees with terrorists, when he announced monitored screenings for visitors arriving from Africa. The new policy, he explained, was intended to prevent the entry of the Ebola virus, he continues saying the plan was “part of Israel’s general efforts to protect our borders from illegal infiltrators and terror”.

Using the term “Infiltrators” is the derogatory term used for years by Israeli officials to dehumanise the African refugees and obliterate their integrity.

African migrants should understand the racism and the risks hovering their stay in Israel following the re-occuring  violence against them and the terror unleashed on them in recent years, calling black people “monkeys” and likening the peaceful African refugees with terrorists are glimpses into another bloodshed that might be unveil to Africans in the foreign lands.

As things presently stand, the racism and the incitements from the government of the Zionist regime of Israel are signs that the terrain is no safer for African refugees to seek asylum. So far you are Africans and black.

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Their religion and political ideology would never save them in Israel like they are often deluded with their speeches when they seek the support of African leaders in the International ambience and distribute their flags to Africans for free to be used in cars, offices and places of worship.

By Yusuf Jimoh Aweda, Director, Center For Human Rectitude.

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