The Long Gang-up International Conspiracy Against Nigeria


With clear views and critical examination of event unfolding in Nigeria and the shear black mail of the current government which the world powers are feeling uncomfortable with some of its current policies especially on the ban on forty one food items which comes from their economy, while our food items are banned in most of their countries using various excuses to achieve.


Permit me to mention in specific terms what my view on the international conspiracy tends to suffer if the current government blockage of the food item continues.

Let me mention some countries


Thailand gets a whopping 30billion dollar from Nigeria on importation of rice and fish. With the ban on rice, their economy tends to suffer greatly because for every bag of rice we consume create a massive job for their citizen while we suffer unemployment. Nigeria does not export anything tangible to the country to get back any reasonable economic values from Thailand!


Nigerias largest import of refined petroleum products is from India with considerable large sums of dollars going there. Our agricultural produces are also bought cheaply directly from the farms and exported without the money returning back to boost our foreign currency reservoir.

They also dubiously transfer most of our foreign currency through fake expatriate salaries whom salaries are paid to their country through the bank exchange rate while such money find their way back into the country (round tripping).

They import a lot of the product that are under the banned products even though they can easily manufacture the products here. Apart from our crude which India import, Nigeria as a nation is been short changed in every area of our economic alliance.

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China is worst in every area, most especially in labour related areas where they underpay Nigerians working in most of their factories. Our import from China exceed over 100 billion dollar annually with no reasonable amount of import of commodity from Nigeria to China!

We import the largest amount of our generators from china which has led to the unwillingness of these countries to assist develop our infrastructures


We also import a lot of refined petroleum products from Europe along with fish and poultry products.

Recently they confronted the CBN governor over the ban on fish while our beans remain ban ed over a cheap excuse of having pesticide.

Mind you all the oil companies drilling oil in Nigeria have a refinery licence attached to their exploration licence, so why are they not doing it. Simply because they are working for their foreign conspirators.

Now let us analyse the information above

Why will china agree to help develop the power sector when their generator export amongst other exports to Nigeria is keeping their economy flying?

Why will Europe assist Nigeria when their economy solely depends on sales of their poorly conserved inorganic food items (which most videos have shown) or what does it cost them to help develop our sea for high yield of sea food instead of import or building more refineries to help make Nigeria a self-sufficient country in petroleum products?

Yet we are rated as a fast growing economy under one of the most corrupt regime ever with no physical infrastrures such as power, good transport system such as road and rail, or advance agricultural technologies to produce food for self-sufficiency!!!

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I am glad we are beginning to do what we needed to have started many years back which will surely bring us to a new destination, like the saying goes, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel, but if we care to look, and ofcourse, persevere to endure the trek to promised land or the emd of the so called tunnel!

May This Government Succeed!

Let’s stop playing politics with out lives, our future, that of our children and the future of our unborn children.

This house must not fall.

The developed countries will do everything to pull this government down because of these and many other directional policies. They can not survive it or win except Nigerians give them support to win.

How can we create employment if we don’t produce? Where will the jobs come from?

How can we curb inflation if we keep importing everything including toothpicks?

How can our money (Naira) be valuable when we do everything with dollars because nothing is done locally?

How can our country develop when we do not want to change our orientation and do the right things even if it may mean a four years sacrifice, hardship, suffering or call it whatever and a life time enjoyment?

Haven’t we suffered enough?

How can we reduce or curb crimes when most hands are idle, jobless and underutilised. They say an idle hand or mind is devil’s workshop. Do you think this is a joke?

Look around and see the number of thugs, touts, criminals, robbers and irresponsible people we have in all localities.

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Now let me tell you this, may GOD forbid, if we allow actively or inactively, the pull down of this government because of our greed, selfish interest, ignorance, lack of knowledge, foolish politics, religion or hate, ethical stupidity, we may never have the opportunity to come out of a perpetual hardship again!!!!!

Receive wisdom, Be Wise and be blessed!!!


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