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Display Your Gold

Explicitly, in a narration from an erudite scholar who derives unequivocal joy in telling stories, Abu Umar Al Faruqi said, “In a village where its inhabitants are in need of GOLD, there are two people…

Osun: Another pseudo-storm

Leaders Beware: Christian or Muslim, you may find this piece irreverent, since Ripples does not particularly care about Hijab or any religious frock. These wears are a cultural imposition that came with these foreign faiths….

TMC launches N80m cemetery project

The Muslim Congress (TMC) has launched an N80 million cemetery project to address the problem of space for burial of Muslims in South Western Nigeria. The project, when fully developed, will have facilities such as…

The Punch Lied! UK is not banning Hijab

The world attention, particularly, those who crave for sanity, justice and fair play, was drawn to the headline of a news story entitled: Britain Moves Against Hijab in Schools, as published in the Friday, January…

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