Street sexual escapade intensifies In Ile Ife

It was a Sunday evening. my friend and I were very hungry, mere looking into our eyes, you could liken us to hungry lions. We simply headed for Mama Put at the popular Yakooyo canteen at Ondo road in Ile Ife.

After consuming  bread of N150 with N50 beans together with a satchet water each, we decided to move around Ondo road,  Mayfair to Lagere and Alapata road in Modakeke just to source for news.

We were filled to the brim since we had fully recharged our stomach, so we decided to roam around the ancient city.

As assiduous reporters, we carried out thorough observation of every nook and cranny of the places we visited. Many who know us do call us ‘inseperable twins’ because of the way we flock together. It is not an hyperbole to say those who know us in the ancient city see us as men of integrity. We are notable for our bravery and dexterity in making people correct their untoward and wayward ways through our reportage. We have prestigious testimonies of imparting lives, making people better and becoming their very best!

But what really amazed me that night was the caliber, or is it the nature of people we met on our way. They mostly walked “two two” (in pairs) – that is, a lady with a man.. It took more than an hour to see a man that walked alone, even the man who walked alone was seen, lurking around, logging to hire a Lady.

At first, I thought I was the only one that observed the scenario, until when my friend inflamed my curiosity with his. So we both decided to keep watching the film.

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For more than an hour, our eyes kept frolicking from one corner to another. Our bodies were reacting even as the flesh longed to join the bandwagon; graduating from passive observers (researchers) to active and participatory ones! I had actually started blaming my friend for leaving his phone behind at home, at least to ‘sample’ one lady, if not tonight, at least tomorrow morning! I saw men and ladies with differentiate styles – men who were tall and short with ladies of different types, sizes and shapes. Some oranges were as big as that of our village headmistress. While some were comparable to Olumo rock some other oranges were as small as a beans.

It was almost 8:30pm, and everywhere has gotten dark. At this time, virtually every corner of the city was filled with fun seekers. I had thought we had seen enough until my friend and I decided to go through a corner, a short-cut to get home quickly; when we got the shocker of our lives.

We suddenly bumped into a sharp corner where we found a lady and a man moaning and wailing like a Christmas goat. I stylishly tapped my friend who had been carried away with his music to see ‘wonder’. Instantly, my friend shouted aloud like someone with a microphone.

On hearing the voice of my friend, the lady and the man quickly pull up their trousers and skirt and disappeared into a tin air. It was as if they received an electric shock.

I was so weary, feeling pity for the Nigerian youths. Should this also be blamed on the government or the parents, some of which are also involved in this unfortunate development. It became an unending discussion between my friend and me days after the scenario.

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I thought for a while, and what really came to my mind is, ‘can a virgin lady still be found in Ile Ife?’

By Sodiq Lawal

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