Stop that Endless Dating….

Dear aunties,

Some of you our uncles have used “our wife” to delay your destiny for 9years in the name of relationship. The only thing you’re good for is to go and cook jollof rice with cray fish for his friends on sunday. The only evidence that looks like marriage to you is wearing his shorts and T-shirt around his little selfcontain, and blush as his friends call you our wife when you’re serving them free food.


And the worst part is that the same friends that praise your ‘girlfriend services’ are the same friends that help him to chyke other women, aunty receive understanding!

Serious Men do not have time to waste when they have found the woman they want to marry.
Let me just share this men’s secret to help your understanding;

MEN DO NOT TALK MARRIAGE – we have left that job for you to do, you’re the one’s who are excited about all the dating, Courting, engagement, and marriage, we are not really that excited as you aunties are. I mean we want the marriage too, especially when we know we have found a good thing, but it is not in our nature to jump and talk about it everyday..


MEN SHOW MARRIAGE- our talking is usually in our actions, little consistent actions towards marriage. When a serious man is heading towards marriage with you you’ll see it in his actions, you will read it in his plans, it will reflect in his savings, his investment will talk marriage, not his lips. A serious man will not be comfortable with his small salary job anymore, because his sights are now Set on providing for two, he will seek to move on to something better to improve his finances. You cannot be comfortably jobless with a guy who is serious about marriage with you, he will push you to get something doing, not because he wants to take from what you earn, but because he is seeing a marriage future that needs your support. Receive understanding aunty!

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He owns a car but he has never allowed you sit at the drivers seat for one day, he is not even encouraging you to learn how to drive, is that a potential husband who plans on buying a car for you?… We show it in our actions aunty.

For 4 years of dating he has never bought you anything to give to your mother, it doesn’t bother you because after all you’re not married yet so he’s not obligated to. No aunty, a man who has started seeing your mother as his mother will show it. The conversation does not start and end with “how is mama?, fine.” , it also includes “what does mama need?”. .. We show it aunty.

Stop letting cheap chieftaincy titles deceive you, the year is almost ending and the tittle is still the same, very soon you’ll start wearing red cap to compliment the title. 4 years and there’s no evidence of a marriage goal, 4 years and you cannot see any structures in the relationship to support marriage, 4 years and he’s still comfortable in that same job that can only support a single person. Aunty this is October, sit him down and have a destiny changing conversation with him, start with the question ” uncle, where are you going?” Because some of our uncles don’t even know where they themselves are going, you you’re just there hanging danfo for 4years, …

Don’t even ask him where the relationship is going, ask him where he himself is going, have you heard me? You cannot be comfortable in a fruitless relationship, the first evidence of the presence of God in anything is GROWTH, if your relationship is a fig tree God will curse it this season. Aunty this week it’s me and you, if you don’t know your worth and value to a man I will show you.

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-Allison Hyacintho

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