Stay in Nigeria and fix the S-H-I-T H-O-L-E

Many of us confidently use more derogatory words to describe Nigeria and Africa. What’s the difference between ‘What kind of jagajaga Country is this?’ and ‘Africa is a shithole?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

We are comfortable with the former but ready to pull down the sky over the latter. Even my diasporic friends who have now grown fat cheeks by exchanging dollars every minute are angry at Trump’s madness. Yet they don’t want to come home- the shithole.

The first solution to a problem is the acceptance of the problem. Our problem is that we are yet to acknowledge the fact that we are in a deep shit.

Let us go scriptural because today is Sunday. Would Jesus have healed any blind persons if they denied that they are blind? They told Jesus that they are blind. They didn’t say their ‘eyes couldn’t just see colours’. They accepted their realities.

Do you know that as crazy as the uncouth Trump is, the Judicial system of the USA is still taming his madness?. So as other systems. Relatively working systems and Institutions are putting him in check. But here we are in a Country where lawmakers break laws boastfully. There is no succour in the Judiciary for the common man. Justice is for sale.

What do you call a country where 50 billion is allocated to Education and 125 billion is allocated to buying snacks during Plenary sessions? What do you call a Country where over 2 billion naira is the amount appropriated for Cleaning and Fumigation? What are they cleaning if not the shithole!

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What do you call a Country where doctors carry placards to protest non-payment of backlog of salaries? -where else does that happen?

What do you call a Country where graduates become the hunted after spending a lifetime hunting for jobs? What describes a Country where court orders are brazenly disregarded? What do you call a Country that has crude oil but imports fuel?

What do you call a Country that is just planning to start producing pencils locally in 2019, despite its very large pool of engineering scholars? What then should we call a Continent that runs to IMF/World Bank like someone going to poo in toilet?

What other word qualifies a Continent where almost all its 54 old leaders do not mind embracing the anti-poor policies of the World Bank provided they keep getting ‘foreign aid’?

A shithole is an euphemistic word to qualify a Continent where all its leaders want to die  in power.

Instead of reminding Trump how his fathers and their cohorts underdeveloped Africa, these shithole leaders are demanding apology. Shithole minds indeed!

Thank you racist Trump for reminding us. For some of us, we won’t ‘run away’. We would stay back and fix it- our shithole.

By Adeyeye Olorunfemi

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