Selection by election

By Dr O.Z. Adeniyi

Do we actually elect our leaders or are made to select them through election? The outcome of election today is hardly the choice of the people. Our election today has become like a gun in the hands of masterminds. They shoot at random and bother not who is dead or alive. Election is like bait for their egocentric ends.

They manipulate all its processes to have their ways despite their inefficiency and incompetency. They buy their ways by using urchins for physical assaults and monies for the hungry ignoramuses. They go extra mile to involve in occultism and fetishism.

Most, if not all, only claim to be Muslims or Christians to cover up and deceive. They are, in- and- out, devil advocates; that informs why they will never deliver their electioneering promises after election. They strengthen their stamina in public appearance by consuming drugs or getting drunk. By this, they are able to speak shamelessly or damn any consequence.

The people, for now, only tolerate these so-called leaders because they have no option. If the people have their way, none of the current leaders deserve remaining or returning to power for a second time or term.

They have disappointed God and man. One wonders what election means. If it is to present manifestoes, it is definitely a non-fulfillment of promises before election as they are practically empty and people unfriendly.

The colossal squandering of resources for campaign is unbecoming. It is illogical that almost five billion naira is wasted on campaign while the people are dying of hunger. Does election also mean changing the rule of the game in the middle of the sea? These desperate elements do not plan with the consciousness of God’s omnipresence and omnipotence. They rely on their foxy brains, forgetting the Supreme Being. They plan shrewdly forgetting the petitions of the suffering masses to the mighty Creator.

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Does planning for election also mean abusing one another, disrespecting institution of respecting elders, luring religious leaders into corruption, using money to split people across all divides? This is what we are fed with everyday amidst accusations against counter accusations.

It appears as if the campaigners suffer moral deficit. Neither cultural nor religious values nor ethics are respected by their desperate arrogant quest for power.

The soul of men which is supposedly the seat of wisdom, piety and accountability has become dry and dead; hence it drifts towards emptiness and debauchery. Our soldiers are now uniformed political agents. As against defending the interest and unity of the nation, they secure minority irredeemable corrupt few who are bent in derailing the train of the nation even if it will lead to war.

The media today have fallen short of correctly informing the people. So, if it is announced or written that it is morning, you need to go outside and confirm if it is no longer dark. False reports (even on National station) are more anew than the truth. It is, however, discordant with the inner calling of man to speak falsehood or support its cause.

Even if one reports propaganda of falsehood, the inherent voice of truth in the heart of man will judge otherwise. But today, untruth is ubiquitous and it is being spoken and accepted by some. However, the life span of falsehood is short. Its noise could be thundering and its supporters in multitudes. But reality has always shown how the Masses have always returned to the truth.

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Values have indeed changed. Disruption and disaffection have become the trademarks of our social life. This is real in every aspect of our society.  The media massively misinform, the leaders bloodily and flagrantly tell lies, the followers gullibly and ignorantly follow them and the umpires openly demonstrate biasness.

We are indeed in a trying time but it cannot remain forever. As we change our hearts to speak and act the truth to please our God, fearing His punishment and the afterlife accountability, we shall be able to rightly select or elect our servant leaders who will lead us by noble examples.

If the election of 28 of March is allowed to hold, we must let our true conscience determine our vote as we shall account before God in the Hereafter.

If you allow bribe or any other person/thing whatsoever to influence your right decision with the available information before you, you are indeed an enemy of God and you shall be taken to account before Him. Election transcends mere casting your vote, you are by it witnessing for the right man to lead humanity to peace and (51)

Adeniyi O.Z. (PhD)

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