Scholars charge Muslims to be agents of change, nation builders


Adherents of the Islamic faith have been charged to be nation builders and agents of positive change for a peaceful and egalitarian Muslim community.

Grand Mufti, Conference of Islamic Organisations, Sheikh Dhikrullah Shafii deliverying a Special Tefsir Qur'an at the 25th National Islamic Training Programme (NITP organised by The Muslim Congress (TMC)

Grand Mufti, Conference of Islamic Organisations, Sheikh Dhikrullah Shafii delivering a Special Tafsir Qur’an at the 25th National Islamic Training Programme (NITP organised by The Muslim Congress (TMC)

Leading  Islamic scholars gave the charge at the on-going 25th National Islamic Training Programme (NITP) organised by The Muslim Congress (TMC) at the Vanguard Academy, Odosengolu, near Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

The Renaissance reports that the theme of this year’s camping programme which runs between Dec. 21 and Dec. 25 is: “Provisions for the Nation”.

One of the leading scholars and the Grand Mufti of Conference of Islamic organisations (CIO), Sheikh Dhikrullah Shafii, said  Muslims should live up to their responsibility as nation builders and reformers.

Shafii recalled that the earlier Muslims ruled the world for about 15 centuries with sound morals and excellent values that were uncommon among Muslims of today.

He remarked that no nation could make meaningful progress if leaders and followers are morally bankrupt.

The Grant Mufti said that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) reformed the earlier Muslims, who were fornicators, liars, drunkards, singers, dancers and fraudsters, successfully turning them into  God-fearing souls.

To effect positive in the society, Shafii said delegates at the camping programme must imbibe exemplary behaviour of the early Muslims.

“The story of the righteous among the slaves of Allah the Merciful who rebuild the world form the era of ignorance… it is their behaviour we can imbibe, to make the life become meaningful to us,” he said, Suratul Ankabut in the Holy Qur’an.

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He, therefore, urged delegates at the camp, to imbibe the virtue of the servant of Allah as specified in the glorious Quran.

The Amir (President) of TMC, Dr Lukman AbdulrRaheem admonished delegates at this year’s NITP to seek to imbibe these three values; academic development, spiritual development and physical development.

The don speaking at the Formal Opening Ceremony at the 25th NITP holding at Vanguards Academy, Odosengolu, promised delegates of a spirit-filled experience.

The LOC Chairman, Dr Ibrahim Ogunsanya read out the camp rules and regulations to the delegates. He advised delegates to adhere to the rules and seek for clarification in case there is the need for it.

Some delegates mostly the first timer advised the organisers and asked questions which were well attended to.

Delegates were further advised to be security conscious at the camp.

Also speaking in another topical issue, the Waali (Chairman) of TMC in Lagos State, Alhaji Mikail Animasahun encouraged young Muslims to go into politics with a resolve to be “agents of change”.

Animasahun, who delivered a lecture at the professional class said good Character was a “Sine Qua Non for national development”.

He explained the theme of this year camp, was carefully chosen to address some of the prevailing social vices and insecurity among others.

The Waali, therefore,  charged delegates to be the agent of change.

Animashaun further encouraged Muslims to exhibit high moral conduct in order to achieve sustainable growth and development in the nation.

He charged young Muslims, going into politics, to strike a balance between spiritualism and materialism.

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Meanwhile, a correspondent of The Renaissance at the camp, reports that business activities boom at the “Business Corner” in the venue of the NITP.

Delegates troop to the business arena to buy books, food and fruits, clothing materials and shoes as well as electronic gadgets during designated lecture-free periods.

Traders, who spoke to our correspondent expressed joy as they record high turn-over, with delegates coming to buy valuable things.

Also present at the business arena were service companies like Hajj Mabrur Venture Limited, Albaraka Micro Finance as well as some healthcare providers.

One of the traders, Dhikrullah Balogun, confirmed that the traders have been recording high turn-over since the annual spiritual gathering started on Friday.

Meanwhile, some exhibitors, who bring new products and services bear their mind on the general patronage of delegates.

An exhibitor, Adekunle Muhideen who sells prophetic medicine, advises Muslims to see prophetic medicines as one of the effective ways of protecting and curing varying kinds of diseases.

Also, Adesina Ajibade from Al-Barakah Microfinance Bank expresses joy over large patronage of people on some of the bank’s products and services.

He said delegates have opportunities of withdrawing cash to buy products and services they need at the camp.

From our correspondent in Odosengolu, Ijebu-Ode

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