Scholar seeks Muslim unity for sanctity of Aqsa Mosque

Muslim communities all over the world have been advised to reunite, be prayerful and re-strategise to reclaim the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


An Islamic scholar, Sheik AbdurRahmon Adangba, made the call at the annual “Aqsa Day”, organised by the Muslim Awareness International (MAI) on Sunday in Lagos.

Adangba, who was the guest speaker at occasion that drew large crowd of people and notable personalities across the country, remarked that Aqsa Mosque has been the cradle of all Prophets of God.

He expressed sadness that the inability of Muslims all over the world has give the Israel and other enemies of Islam to continue to oppress and killing the Muslims without checks.

According to him, the Israelis are known for flouting peace accords, even if such was supported the United Nations.

He recalled that other western nations connived with the Israeli to crush the administration of the Uthmani empire in order to ensure that Israel has the dominating influence on finance, governance and information on the Aqsa mosque.

Sheikh AbdulFattah Thanni speaking on the occasion of Aqsa Day in Lagos.

Sheikh AbdulFattah Thanni speaking on the occasion of Aqsa Day in Lagos.

Also speaking, Sheik Abdul Fatai Thanni, who spoke on “Right the Wrong; Walk the Walk”, advocated for boycott  of products produced by Israelis and its co-conspirators as the panacea to the problem confronting the Palestinians.

“The panacea to this organised and well funded atrocities is to ensure continuous boycott of the zionist regime and its allies products

“There is also need to contribute to the welfare of the Gaza inhabitants, who are constantly in the Aqsa mosque to ensure its safety,” Thanni said.

Large crow of audience at the Aqsa Day in Lagos

Large crow of audience at the Aqsa Day in Lagos

In his welcome address, the Director of MAI,  Engr. Balogun Luqman appealed to the Nigeria government to wade into the Israeli-Palestinian crisis at the international level.

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He noted that Nigeria, as nation should quickly correct, what he described as the atrocious betrayal of the Palestinians at the UN Security Council elections, during the last regime of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Luqman stated that the theme of year’s Aqsa Day: “Oppression and Dehumanization of Palestinians; The Role of Key Players”, was chosen to call the world to stand up for the values of justice and truth.

Balogun, urged the government and the citizenry to step up collective efforts to oppose extremism, terrorism and wanton destruction and disrespect for human life.

Meanwhile, MAI has applauded Sweden describing it as one of the countries that stand up to be counted on the side of justice.

Women audience at the Aqsa Day in Lagos.

Women audience at the Aqsa Day in Lagos.

The director appealed to Muslims and non-muslims to intensify efforts at boycotting products coming from the zionist companies.

“No doubt, the efforts are effective as reflected by the recent zionist decision to create a ministry to counter the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement.

“Their effort insha Allah is doomed to fail. For indeed, Allah, the Almighty, will never support the unjust  oppressors.

“The Vatican played a model role by officially implementing the resolution of the 012 UN General Assembly of recognition of the State of Palestine on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016,” Balogun said.

He also called for more donations towards the rebuilding of the much-troubled Gaza city of Palestine.

The occasion was attended by the Chairman, Conference of Islamic Organisations, Nigeria, Ustaz Dhikrullah Shafii, Amir (President), The Muslim Congress, Dr. Luqman Abdur Raheem, General Manager Finance, MTN Ghana, Alhaji Kadri Modupe and Sheikh Jamiu Tirmidhi among others.

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By Nurudeen Abdul Ganiy and Miftaudeen Raji

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