Saudi Arrests… Laughing in Foreign Languages

I am an African who enjoys laughing in a foreign language. If you bother to know how it feels to laugh in an alien world, I may laugh it out here now and display my feelings. It’s, although, not my usual laugher. I only do, occasionally, to satirize the human folly that is evident in the foetus who claim to know.

Ordinarily, when I laugh out my usual laugher, I do it in a gentlemanly manner, by forming two holes on both sides of my cheeks. But whenever it happens, as it always happens, I laugh it out, loud and clear, in the language of the ghost to haunt the unborn foetus, the empty-headed, the depraved mind, the intelligently blind, the wise ignoramus – who know nothing of the danger ahead .

I started laughing again yesterday night – not in my usual manner – but in the language of a Japanese satirist. As I laugh right now, I shake my head, because I pity all of us, I mean all Muslims who love the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I love the kingdom, I love its scholars, but I fear for the consequences of the questionable actions of its political leaders. Now, they arrested Salman Aoda, they also arrested A’wad Qarni, and a few others, simply because those two scholars had tried to be reasonable in the theatre of the absurd.

Do you know the crime of Salman Aoda?

“Aoda was arrested on Saturday night in his home by three members of the security apparatus following his tweet praying for Saudi and Qatar to make amends for the sake of their nations. The tweet was sent in reference to a phone call made between the Qatari emir and the Saudi crown prince, which ended up sparking yet another row and led to Saudi suspending all talks. “May God harmonise between their hearts for the good of their people,” Aoda had written on Twitter.”

That’ all! That tweet was what landed him in detention a few days ago. You can check it out. ..Are you also laughing? As for me, I am laughing again, but this time around – in Chinese language!

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Just like anybody who speaks the truth, Shaykh Salman Aoda, along with Abdur Rahman Al-Ariefi, Aid Qarni, had long been stripped of belonging to the path of Sunnah by the over zealous youngsters, who know how to vilify. Let me share an interesting experience with you, so that you may also laugh in Swahili language.

Sometimes in 2015, my cerebral nephew, a thorough-bred medical personnel who belongs to a reputable Salafi thought, had shared an educative Quote of Shaykh Salman Aoda on facebook, and in less than five minutes into that post, I told my wife to watch out for a drama on that post. A brother suddenly commented, making the first comment, “Subhaanallahi, don’t you know who Salman Aoda is?”. My nephew then replied sheeply: “Sorry, I will delete it rightaway, I don’t know him. ..” and he deleted that educative, inspiring Quote.

The post had to be deleted, not because it wasn’t the truth, but probably because the truth was spoken by the enemy of the kingdom. But wait a minute, don’t laugh yet. Is Shaytaan not the enemy of all? And yet, when Abu Hurairah caught him stealing from Bait Al-Mal, he told the noble companion the value of Ayatul Qursiyy, as the believers’ armoury. Certainly, Muslims are not as bad as the devil – the worst of Allah’s enemies?

I immediately put a call across to my nephew “….you must be stupid! What kind of rubbish is that? Is there anything wrong with the fact, wit and wisdom of that post? You succumbed to a dogmatic blackmail just because a certain foetus had commented to the contrary”. I roared, but this time around, in the language of a lion.

I really pity my nephew as he remained silent throughout the moment of that severe reprimand, because I had encouraged him and his younger brother to tread the path of Sunnah and I have always defended their interests in the family, as sarkin sunnah of that enclave.

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This is simply illustrave of the solidarity of sentiments usually formed against righteous scholars for upholding a contrary view. If the reputable scholars, Al-Baihaaqi, An-Nawawi, and Ibn Hajar Al-Asqoni had been written off the pages of history on account of a few lapses identified with them, some of which even bother on creed, we wouldn’t have encountered a body of knowledge as rich and comprehensive as “Sunan Al-Kubrah”, “Sharh Muslim”, “Tubqat Al-Fuqahaa”, “Al-Isaabah” and “Lisaan Al-Mizaan”, written by those scholars.

You write off the entire works of a scholar on account of some mistakes, simply because his rival among your foreign mentors hates his face, you better fear Allah. Could Sayyid Qutb, Qaradhawi, Salman Aoda, A’id Qarni, Bilal Phillip, Musa Menk be worse than your biological fathers? How many of you were born out of wedlock? How many of you have mushrik, mubtadi’, and Christian parents; and yet, you audaciously blacklist the sublime efforts of some scholars’? I laugh!

What kind of books have you read that others have not read before you started learning the Arabic alphabets that transformed you to a local champion within a period of six months? Among the roughly fifty books published by Salman Aoda are: The First Strangers, Characteristics of the Strangers, Withdrawing from Society and Participating in It’, Discussion with Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazâlî, Who has the Right to Engage in Independent Juristic Reasoning?, an Guidelines for Studying Islamic Law.

These publications are all currently available on the Arabic-language pages of the Islam Today website. Check it out! Al-Aoda joined the educational institute in Burayda, where he spent six years. He studied under scholars such as Abd al-Aziz ibn Abd Allah ibn Baaz, Muhammad ibn al Uthaymeen, Abdullah Abdal Rahman Jibreen, and Sheikh Saleh Al-bleahy. He graduated from the Faculty of Sharia and Religious Principles in Qassim, and then became a teacher at the Scientific Institutes in Qassim.

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What about A’id Qarni – not A’wad? If you don’t know him, judge him by some of his notable works: Don’t Be Sad, You Can Be the Happiest Woman in the World, Muhammad as if you can see him and many others. Abdur Rahman Al-Ariefi, also blacklisted, though not arrested yet, is the author of Enjoy your life.

These authors are too “progressive” in thought for the kingdom’s authority’s limited perception. If you read their works, you’ll understand the sources of their problems. The other time I said that the kingdom’s foreign policy with the Shiite Iran is not about the creed, but self-interest… those who initially disagreed with me on Facebook later called to agree with me, just a few weeks after – when the crown Prince hosted Moqtada Sadri.

When I also proclaimed Shaykh Yuusuf Qaradhawi innocent of that mischievous allegation, those who insulted the scholar on this platform later called to agree with me just three days ago – when the Interpol publicly vindicated me that this scholar of scholars – Shaykh Abdullah Yuusuf Al-Qaradhawi – is not a terrorist, nor does he sponsor or inspire terrorism. ..I am still laughing!

Alas, this ghostly laughter is already giving way to my usual laughter; and the usual one is right now eliciting tears. As we laugh in different languages, with our eyeballs laced with tears of lamentation, let’s pray for the kingdom, because the two holy houses situated therein are our collective heritage.

May the Saudi kingdom continue to reign in peace and harmony.

Abu Mazeedatilkhayr Bn Sa’eed

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