Retirement of Military Officers: Opinion Of A Retired Commodore

The retirement of Military officers has generated a serious controversy ranging from religious to ethnic colourations in the usual manner we out cry in Nigeria.

A typical pull out parade for retired military officer

Retired Nigerian Army Senior Officers, being pulledout last Friday in Abuja

I know virtually all d officers in d list. For instance, Onoyevita was ADC to President Umar Yar’adua and though a very committed officer was sucked into politics.

He spearheaded d hijack of late President Musa Yar’adua and almost seized power in that confusion over his true state of health but for d intervention of some crack military officers.

Almost all the officers listed were involved in anti-democratic practises under President Jonathan.

It is a shame that in Nigeria we still think like this: Hausa-Ibo-Ijaw, Yoruba etc. Those who looted this country didn’t care about where anyone came from or their religion. Only interests mattered.

I have served 35 years in the military my Driver: Mamman Sabo Talle from Taraba worked with me for at least ten years; he is a Muslim and is still there. My orderly Abdullahi Alhaji Abdullahi (Niger) seven years. He is a Muslim and is still with me. Both of them are excellent materials.

As soldiers when we fight we face the enemy fire and the bullets and shells are rained at us not looking for Christian, Muslims or which Geo political zone each of us comes from.

We fight as one: one mission one goal:to save the nation. When a soldier dies it is our brother that died not just anybody.

All the listed officers have clearly made incredible illicit wealth from last government and I swear they could combine to overthrow this government if nothing is done about it.

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I retired from d armed forces on June 3, 2016 after 35 years of colour service. Of all these years, I spent nine years as a Commodore because politicians meddled with promotion merit list. We have only three attempts.

Dele Ezeoba became Chief of Naval Staff and set aside merit list and brought in a list of persons who failed d board. Most were from South East and South South.

I was three times a victim of political interference in politics. I finished top of my peers from Defence College 12th of 105 participants returning a B grade Research paper of seven in the National Defence Course 17. My topic was: Implication of Small Arms and Light Weapons Proliferation in the West African Sub-Region-Implication for National Security.

The military is now higly corrupt and polarised. The hardworking are sacrificed for d indolent. It is this realisation that confronts the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration today.

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Gen. Tukur Buratai is a very thorough well bred professional officer who once worked under my supervision as Deputy Force Commander/Maritime Component Commander of Operation Pulo Shield in 2011-2012 when he was Comd 2 Brigade Port Harcourt, a formation which partly was under DHQ for Oil Protection.

He is respectful, and rational and as u can see the Boko Hara war is being gradually won.

The earlier we all realise and reinforce that which unite us and discard all primordial sensibilities and salvage this country d better for us all. Surely, President Buhari has simply held the bull by the horn and for once he is doing the needful, which was needlessly left undone by past governments.

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I need to let you all know that I am a Lagosian from South West and a Christian, but I see beyond the lenses of sentiments and see reality from empirical point not from cheap hypothesis.

Let us rally and support the present government or fold our hands and watch the country go down. Libya, Iraq, Syria and perhaps Ukraine and likes would be just a child play.

By Comdr (rtd) Bimbo Ayuba, psc fdc MBA MSc FCIS FNIM.

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