REFLECTION AT FAJR: The Logic of Talents


We  know that talents are endowments. They are our God given gifts. They are what sets us apart and make us unique in our abilities.

Our talents are in the skills we posses, in the creativity for we are admired, in our knowledge for which we are acknowledged, in our eloquence with which we hold others spell bound, in our wizardry and artistry as creative geniuses and in our mastery of music, painting, drawing and poetry.

Our talents talents could be in our business skills, investment acumen or in our innovation in architecture, engineering and technology for which we are celebrated or with which we wow our world. So, in everyman is a certain grace or goodness.

So, what is the logic of talents. Before we ask about the essence, we must understand the foundation who or which is Allah, al-Aleem. It is in the knowledge He gives that us that we become knowledgeable in certain field to become masters just as He gives our first father the knowledge of things to make him superior in creation for other created beings to bow in awe of him. So if we are talented, it is for us to have dominion.

Dominion is authority. Authority is an attribute of Allah most High. In granting man authority in one area of life or the other we also become custodians of Trust or the Trust bearers for Allah on earth. We become responsible to Allah.

We also become accountable in how we discharge that trust. The responsible man must therefore be conscious of the value of the trust he holds. He must guard against its misuse, abuse or even underutilization. He protect it to ensure it secured, not wasted, not stolen, not trampled on, not damaged.

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Similarly, we must in the demonstration or utilization of our talents, avoid arrogance, self ascription or disdain. Otherwise, we will be playing God or usurping His authority.

So, when we are blessed or distinguished as trailblazers, geniuses, as iconoclasts, as wizards, masters or gurus in paths or fields Allah chooses for us, we must be the first to acknowledge Him as our master and benefactor, humble ourselves in His presence, worship more than any other and give Him adoration and gratitude.

In fact, we should be the best of His servants because the logic of the talents he blessed us with is to serve Him in the use to which we put our talents to full the needs of the world around us and not to use those endowments to cause fitnah in humanity.

Alhamdulillah for His blessings on you and me.

By Ustadh Abdulwaarith

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