Ramadan: Preacher urges Muslims to assist the needy

Sheikh Ahmed Guruntun, an Islamic preacher in Bauchi state has urged the well-to-do Muslims to commit their resources toward assisting the needy and propagation of Islamic activities ahead of the forthcoming Ramadan period.

The Islamic Preacher made the call in Bauchi on Wednesday during his weekly preaching session.

Guruntun said, considering the blessings attached to assisting those who fast during the Ramadan period, there is an urgent need for Muslim ummah to focus attention in that direction.

He also said Muslims should consider the month of Ramadan as a period for seeking Allah’s forgiveness through night prayers, recitation of the Holy Quran and other Ibadah as stipulated in the teachings of Islam.

“I call on all muslims to use the period of Ramadan to offer special prayers for their leaders for them to succeed.

“I also call on all the well to do Muslims to give out zakat according to the teachings of Islam so as to have Allah’s reward in this life and hereafter.

“In addition, giving out zakat would reduce poverty and improve the economic status of the beneficiaries for better living,” said the sheikh.

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