Hamas calls on Arab League to protect Palestinians in Syria


The Islamic Resistance Movement in Palestine has called on the Arab League and human rights organisations to intervene to protect the Palestinians in Syria. Hamas said that such protection should apply equally to those living in refugee camps and those who are trapped in the conflict-ridden country.

“We condemn strongly the horrific massacre committed in the Daraa Refugee Camp and the continued bombing of all Palestinian refugee camps in Syria,” said the movement in a press statement. “We renew our call for recognising the refugees and their camps as neutrals in the middle of a conflict.” Hamas said that the bloodletting should stop and displaced families should be given safe refuges from the violence.

The resistance movement pointed out that its statement is a response to the attacks in Daraa Camp in which eight Palestinians were killed. Refugee camps across Syria are subject to regular bomb attacks by parties loyal to the Assad regime. Four other Palestinians were killed in such a bombing recently.

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