Prof Mobolaji: He came, he lived and he died

We learn reality of life momentarily. We remain unperturbed by its lessons. We feel for others and remain filled with our obsession for the world.
I remember how we met at the University of Ibadan in 1988.

I remember how we lived together in the same hall and room – A/Semii Husayn, Zafaran Adeniyi and you.

I remember how we cooked, ate and slept in the same room.

I remember how he was the Imaam in Independence hall and I as his successor.

I remember how he paddled the ship of Oyo state Area Unit MSSN almost like a ONE man cabinet.

I remember his soft inspiring, passionate, convincing, emotional lectures; always filled with quotes from the Qur’aan.

I remember how we lived in the same compound,  house,  flat; he lived downstairs, I occupied the upper flat. Abu Hasan lived in the same premises in the other flat.

I remember how we moved with Da‘wah of Islam from masjid to masjid in Ibadan and its environ.

I remember how he trained and moulded brothers and sisters for Islam.

What Will he be remembered for? Allah knows best. But as a mortal he will ever be remembered for:

Constant Tahajjud with his special voice,

As the imam of several mosques,

As one who is never oblivious of all voluntary fasts (I have not found out but he is not unlikely to be fasting when he died ,unless he has a constraint),

As one who never misses his Tilaawah,

As one makes friend easily,

As one who values salat in congregation,

As one who did Usra online with his family (bahjatu-liqaa),

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As one who is clearly convinced  of his mission in life,

As one in the midst of abundance but still indifferent to the world,

As one who worked with Federal Inland Revenue, National Assembly, etc but was never tempted to be corrupt,

As somebody who had several opportunities but never for once allow it to derail him,

As one who consults on almost issues and populates opinion,

As a lively, friendly, fatherly, missionary personality,

As one who had PSR for Islamic mission and all work life.

He was there when Abu Hasan died; he was there when Engr Popoola and others died, he has been a witness to several other death of his brothers and sisters. It was now time for him to die too and he has died on the path of his mission.

His trip to lagos was not for something personal but for Islaam and the Ummah.

He never knew that today will be the last when he set out this morning; he never knew that he will never return to his house, now he is going to the grave; he never knew he will not meet his wives Mujiddah (Umm Abdulazeez) and Tayyibah (Umm Aaisha) again; he never knew he will not have time with and for  the children again, the like of Abdul Azeez, Zaynab (who has just completed her secondary school and made her result), Abdul Hameed (just in ss3) , Habeebah (just admitted into Vangaurds), and others.

He never knew he will never meet Uztaz shafii whom he loved so much again, and icon brothers like Abu Asmau, Abu Umar, Ibn Sadiq, Abu Ruqayyah, etc who gave him the appellation OMO ALAJA. Now omo Alaja is gone.

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Fountain University has lost a restructurer; he left the UNILORIN as a highly placed senior lecturer to help develop the nascent Muslim University, it was a decision based on shurah for the Ummah.

Al-Baraka Micro Finance has lost the only specialist on Islamic banking so far in its team.

Vanguards Academy has lost for life one of the brains for its establishment.

Mobolaji travelled to UK but never died there; he travelled to Saudi Arabia, he never died there; he travelled to Abuja but never died there; he died on the road which he plied most of his life for the sake of Islam (Lagos-Ibadan). He had travelled on this road a thousand of times but today’s own marks the final trip.

So is life and such is it. We all testify to your devotion to the DEEN oh our dear brother PROF. ABDULHAKEEM MOBOLAJI ISHOLA.

No amount of tears can bring you back. No amount of encomiums can resuscitate you. No amount of sorrow can change what has happened. For ever you have gone we hope to meet in the garden of Firdaws.

Your death further opens our eyes to the vanity of the world. It makes us retrospect into where we began. It makes us realize that we should do the right thing before our turn for DEATH.

My brothers and sisters, our tears should be for ourselves and not for Mobolaji. Are we what we should be as missionaries? Are we sincere with Allah? Are we sure of dying on the path of Allah?

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Allahuma ighfirlahu, warhamhu.

By:Ustadh Zafaran Adeniyi

Adeniyi is a PhD holder and Director of Academic Affairs, Vanguard Academy, Odosengolu, Ogun State,

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