Prof. Adeyeye replies CAN on Buhari’s ‘lopsided’ appointments

“It really is a shame when well educated Nigerians, whether Muslim or Christian, wobble themselves in religious intolerance. Unfortunately, the intolerance is nursed by some imams and pastors mouthing poorly considered facts. Even if seemingly compelling, facts degenerate into half-truths when they are placed, as is often the case, outside of proper context.”

Recently, the Christian Association of Nigeria issued a press release and addressed a press conference at the Jubilee House of National Christian Centre, Abuja under the banner: Coalition of Christian groups in Nigeria.

The group accused President Muhammadu Buhari of pursuing Islamisation agenda and embarking on ‘Islamisation proces’  brandishing a lot of ‘facts’ to drive home its point.

Professor Olusola Adeyeye in this revealing piece, prove his Christian Brethren at the headship of CAN wrong with confounding but incontrovertible facts, accusing the Christian group of deliberately misleading the public with outright falsehood, half truths and twisted facts.

The full text of the write up titled: Stigmatizing President Buhari is reproduced below:

This rehash of the prominent positions held by Muslims in Nigeria is mischievous and quite unfortunate. It is the typical Nigerian game of chasing needless shadows rather than focusing on the arduous task of nation building.


Until recently, so-called Christians held commanding heights of the economic governance of our Republic. The Presidency, Headship of National Assembly, Secretary of Govt of the Federation, Head of Service, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, the NNPC, the Stock Exchange etc were headed by so-called Christians.

Tragically, they reprobately superintended the profligate looting of our common patrimony. The lone voice of courageous warning belonged to a certified Muslim, Sanusi Latino Sanusi, who succeeded Soludo and was hounded for his courage to expose the cult of looters comprising so-called Christians.

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Yes, the metastasis of economic ruins in Nigeria was gestated by these Christians. They reduced Pentecostalism to a reprobate pente-rascality whereby the Dukes and knights of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and the Christian Association of Nigeria became errand boys in the corridor of accursed political power. Their private jets were the conveyors of stolen money!

Tunde Fashola is a Muslim. He now heads what used to be three big ministries. Was he chosen because  of his religion? He was chosen because of his track record!

The dust will settle in Nigeria. Change will come despite predictable resistance from reactionary principalities and forces. Hackneyed references to issues that divide rather than unite us whether by Muslims or Christians, are age-long stumbling blocks to progress.

It really is a shame when well educated Nigerians, whether Muslim or Christian, wobble themselves in religious intolerance. Unfortunately, the intolerance is nursed by some imams and pastors mouthing poorly considered facts. Even if seemingly compelling, facts degenerate into half-truths when they are placed, as is often the case, outside of proper context.

The toxicity of half-truths rarely emanates from the profligacy of falsehood but rather from the subtle distortion of truth!  Blatant falsehood is intuitively obvious and as such easy to reject. By contrast, when truth is softly bent, it takes great discernment to perceive its toxicity.

The Constitution of Nigeria enshrines that every state must be represented in the Cabinet of the Federal Government. Even those of us who feel that this, by itself, creates a cabinet that is too unwieldy, must tolerate such a provision until our pluralistic, multi-ethnic and multi-religious republic evolves into organic nationhood. As such, whoever is the President of Nigeria must have a minimum of 36 Ministers.

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Of the six ministers representing the Southwestern states, two (Fashola from Lagos and Shittu from Oyo) are Muslims while four are Christians (Adeosun from Ogun, Adewole from Osun, Fayemi from Ekiti and Daramola from Ondo). All the five ministers from the Southeastern states are Christians as are all six ministers from the states of the south-south. In other words, of the 17 ministers from southern Nigeria, 15 are Christians while 2 are Muslims.

In the North-Central, Audu Ogbe from Benue, Solomon Dalung from Plateau, James Ocholi (now deceased) from Kogi are Christians. The remaining three ministers from that zone are Muslims.

Even if all the ministers from Northeastern and Northwestern states are Muslims, we are left with a Federal cabinet comprising 18 Christians and 18 Muslims! We have a devout Muslim as President and a no less devout Christian as Vice President. The current composition of the Federal Executive Council is one in which only liars will complain that Christians have been marginalized. When in the history of Nigeria has a traveling President transmitted power to the VICE PRESIDENT? That is what Buhari does each time he travels.

Now let us move to the legislature. Of the 10 Principal Officers of the Nigerian Senate, only three (Saraki, Ndume and Na’alla) are Muslims! The remainder (Ekeremadu, Adeyeye, Alimikhena, Akpabio, Aduda, Bwacha and Olujimi) are Christians! Adeyeye and Bwacha are lay preachers. The House of Representatives is headed by a Christian. With such a composition, the Nigerian Legislature is not a place where Christians can be said to be marginalized. In fact, few people realize that there are more Christians than Muslims in the Nigerian Senate.

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Now let us go to the Judiciary. How many judges of the Supreme Court has Buhari appointed? The answer is Zero! Is it fair to blame him for appointments that predated his own election into office? The fear of God, the love of country and basic human decency dictate that we reject an amalgamation of intellectual sophistry with the dereliction of truth.

Unfortunately, it is quite easy for detractors to pick and choose their facts in a manner that allows malignant campaigns of calumny.

Professor Adeoye Adeniyi, a former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ilorin, was a deacon at Oritamefa Baptist Church Ibadan. He was the Chairman at my wedding. He was also our pediatrician. When he was leaving the University of Ibadan to head the College of Medicine at Ilorin in 1978/79, he handed Oluwatobi (our daughter) to a Moslem doctor in his Department. I asked him why he did not hand us to a Christian. Professor Adeniyi smiled and said, “you do not need a Baptist or for that matter a Christian doctor; you need a pediatrician who will respond even if you call after midnight!”

I enjoy air travels. Sometimes, the plane gets to very rough and bumpy weather. At such times, my concern is not whether the pilot can speak in tongue or prophesy! Rather, one hopes that the pilot knows what to do in a storm even if he were a Buddhist or Moslem. May God guide our Muslim President aright as we wade through the fierce storms of contemporary Nigeria.

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  1. Abdul salami

    What else can one say???
    A nation that thrives in falsehood perpetrated by religious leaders would go to ruin if the followership is not cautious.
    Of course, there will and are a few men of conscience from all religions, one such is this Proffessor whom The Almighty would continue to bless for standing out in defense of truth even if he appears to go against people of his religious calling.

  2. Jamiu Salako

    Sir, this is the accurate picture of the ongoing intolerance by the Nigeria n’s Christian clergy. Hopefully they will genuinely reflect on the damage they always initiated through their unreasonable statement. You are a patriot and Almighty God will continue to reward your contribution to the Nation. God guide our noble President and his team and God bless Nigeria.

  3. Olawale

    I think Professor Adeyeye was right with his analysis. As Nigerian, we need to focus on something more productive and let go of sentiments. The country belongs to all of Us and not just a set of peoples. Lets us believe and have a positive mind. God bless our dear Country.

  4. kazeem

    Nigerian breed of Christians are noise makers with the exception of a few of them. They cry wolf where there is none. They lack sincerity in all their endeavours. They thought the Muslims are like them who always harbor hidden agenda against the non-christains especially the Muslims therefore they are always suspicious of them because that is their own stock in trade. Their leaders would visit the Muslim leaders to break fast with them during Ramadan, all without any sincerity. What we have in Nigeria of today is chritainization of the country. but they will turn around to accuse the Muslims of they the Christians do. No time in the history of this country has any Muslim body came up with agenda like ‘Nigeria for Allah/Muhammed’. But banners like ‘Ilorin for Christ’, ‘Kaduna for Christ’ dotted every part of our community. The banking system is also christainized with interest-based transactions. Despite that the Muslims are averse to interest based dealings they are left with no better option. CAN vehemently opposed the issuance of license to Jaiz bank. The Muslims are forced to use the Gregorian calendar as against the Lunar system recommended by their faith. That is why government offices and the banks would not present their Muslim customers and staff members with gifts during sallah celebrations but wait until Christmas time when it will be meaningless and useless to them. Weekend holidays are deliberately designed to favour the Christians; Saturdays for the Seventh day Adventists and Sundays for other Christians. On Fridays, Nigerian Muslims are only permitted to go to mosques from office and return an hour after. NOt the whole Friday like their Christian counterpart. The education system is not left out with a replicate of the church choir uniform and beret as school uniform for school pupils and secondary school students. as if Muslims children don’t go to schools. The list is inexhaustible but for time and space. The fact remain that the Christian leaders have always behave as lords over the Muslims, and wish to keep them permanently in that position. That is why they find it difficult to tolerate the Muslims and they keep crying foul of any move made by them. The earlier they realize that Muslims are not second citizens in this country the better for all of us. Thank God we have a few of them like this Professor who is endowed with an uncommon spirit of sincerity, fairness and justice.

  5. yusuf usman

    Thank YOU sir save us, we HAVE been fool about this religión issues by THE élite THE pastors AND imams only few stand by THE truth saying OF religión about mankind AND his creator about thereafter. When it come to loot thy are one When it back fire. IS THE othe side OF story. Ples sir Thank YOU sir


    Well and deserved write-up. Sentiment can not take us to anywhere except fear of God and excellence. Prof, weldone job. We thank God for people like you.

  7. This article did not address the whole gamut of the present government appointment. The security angle has been deliberately left out, because the government is low on this. Instead of resorting to cheap Blackmail of CAN, the issues raised in their observation should be placed on proper perspective rather than playing to the gallery, as the Professor has done. He is not doing this for altruistic reason but justifying the mess brought upon the nation by his party and government. There are betrayals everywhere, so it is not surprising.

  8. Abdul Kareem Aminat

    Isaac, your comments has no base nor point. Accept the fact raised by Pro Adeyeye the chief whip or leave it. Nigerians are no more dogmatic followers.
    Prof you have analysed the truth. May God guide you.

  9. Hess Konra

    One of the reasons Jesus did not make much progress with his message was because he lacked political power. The Roman empire had that.The Christians have since realized that. According to Deedat “Though Christians may not have the right religion, they have the propagation machinery oiled by welding political power.” They have realized that it is not just enough to have Christians in your village. You need to take it to the enemy territory. The only ingredient is power. Incidentally, that was how the prophet (SAW) and the Sahabas expanded this Deen. YOUTUBE CALIPH UMAR’S REIGN. If you doubt the strategy of Nigerian Christians check out the following. 1. Drive from Welcome to Sokoto to the central market, drive throughout Ahmadu Bello way in Kaduna, walk along church road in Sabon Gari Kano and count the churches, and may be ask those muslim landlords in Jos who were once living near mosques until a christain became their tenats and after few years offered him mouth watering sum to buy his house. Little did he know that the objective was to turn his house to a Church very close to a mosque. 2 Finally ask why despite all the promise and effort Rimi deposited into making Obasanjo President he was not chosen as VP instead Atiku, an elected governor with a Christian deputy was appointed. Also despite all the effort Makarfi made, even with Senate endorsement he was bypassed and Sambo a sitting muslim governor with a Christian deputy in the heart of muslim territory was appointed. Those are all propagation strategy. Muslims are still sleeping. The prophet called it ALDEEN WA DAWLA

  10. Maruf

    As the prof said, half truth and falsehood. That has been the attitude of enemies of Islam. But one thing is certain with Allah on our side and Muslims staying with Islam all things will go well

  11. What more do people want. Does the Prof. need to censor every rank and tiars of the government before the message can be understood? Is it pastor that is needed now of solutions to our challenges? After all it was in the name of religion that brought us to this mess ab-initio.

    The last administration’s appointment well Christianised did not solve our problem but worsen it. Regardless of religion or believe of the appointees, Nigerians should stand on competency and not sentiment. Always shout down any mischievous bigot.

  12. luqman

    ‘insect gives what it eats to its neighbor’, as Yoruba say in their parlance and that is the case of Nigerian Christians.the evil doers will always be panic when they think others are like them.The agenda of the Christian, as it’s known to an average Muslim in their evangelism is that Islam should be a thing of the past in Nigeria. why won’t they be panic?

  13. Davou

    I must commend the prof for this fair reportage in other areas.

    I believe everyone commented from the standpoint of where pinches him/her. The security apparatus seems to be skewed. The herdsmen are continuously attacking and maiming our people in Plateau, Benue & Taraba. The heads of all security agencies are Moslems.

    From Army, Airforce, DSS, Police IGP, immigration, civil defence, minister of defence, the national security adviser, DG NIA are all Moslems. Only the defence chief and naval chief are Christians.

    Our people are killed and sent parking from our ancestral lands by Fulani herdsmen and the commander in chief is also a Fulani.

    On a daily basis are throes of attacks here and there by well-armed Fulani’s in villages in Plateau. Some of these pains are because it has not affected any of you.

    Someone has been asking what about security no one has responded. Our suspicion is rife. Pls, let there be a reorganisation of the security apparatus to show the fairness pls.

    • Zain

      Davou may I remind you that even when obasanjo and GEJ were in power, there were lots of killings but you refused to see that because a Muslim president is there. Obasanjo and GEJ appointed their kinsmen as their DSS chiefs, Nigerian refused to see it. Where were you when they were killing Muslims in masses. In fact right now more Muslims are being killed everyday in borno. So please face the reality and stop this your houla balou.

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