Popular Ikorodu rapists mobbed


A renowned rapist and murderer, popularly known as Badoo was on Saturday lynched by an angry mob following his arrest after raping a little girl at Ota, Owode, Ibeshe Ikorodu.

According to reports, the dreaded criminal had been a menace to the people of Ikorodu before his death.

Badoo had been on wanted lists of the police and the local vigilante groups.

Badoo, facing jungle justice in Ikorodu

Badoo, facing jungle justice in Ikorodu

According to residents of the area, he was notorious for breaking into neighborhood houses at night, and killing young and old women after he must have raped them and mobbed their private parts with white handkerchief.

His targets are mostly women whose husbands do travel out of town but only return on weekends or days later.

His identity became revealed after he raped an old woman who miraculously escaped his deadly murderous antics.

Residents alleged that Badoo was not only a rapist and a murderer but a ritualists who specialized in preying on his neighbors.

“He used to kill his victims because most of them could identify him,” a resident said.

Badoo was stripped unclad and beaten to death before his body was burnt to the excitement of the baying crowd.


By Lateef Sanni A.

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