Polygamy is key to long life- Research

– Research from 140 countries show

Want to live a little longer? Get a second wife.

Contrary to erroneous belief and perception that polygamy may shorten life, recent research has shown that Polygamy is the key to a long life.

New research suggests that men from polygamous cultures outlive those from monogamous ones.

After accounting for socioeconomic differences, men aged over 60 from 140 countries that practice polygamy to varying degrees lived on average 12% longer than men from 49 mostly monogamous nations, says Virpi Lummaa , an ecologist at the University of Sheffield, UK.
Lummaa presented her findings last week at the International Society for Behavioral Ecology’s annual meeting in Ithaca, New York

The key to a long life could be as simple as getting a second wife.

Research suggests that men from polygamist cultures live 12 per cent longer than those who limit their affections to one woman at a time.

It is thought men benefit from having a fuss made over them by a gaggle of women. They may also better care of themselves into old age when they have a large family to feed, this week’s New Scientist reports.

Sheffield University researchers uncovered the ‘benefits’ of polygamy by scrutinising World Health Organisation data on marriage practices and on life span.

The analysis shows that men who live in countries where it is common to have more than one wife tend to outlive their monogamous counterparts.

The finding took into account a country’s economic situation to minimise the effect of better nutrition and healthcare in monogamous Western nations.

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It is thought that the pressure of having to provide for big families may lead to men taking better care of their bodies and their health. They may also benefit from the care and attention of several wives.

Scientist Lance Workman, an evolutionary psychologist at Bath Spa University, said: ‘If you have got more wives to look after you, they might fuss over you and that might help you live longer.

‘We know that in monogamous societies married men live longer than bachelors.’

Evolution may also have a role to play, with the fierce competition for women in polygamist societies ensuring only the fittest specimens get the girl – and have children.

Good genes would be passed on, endowing good health on future generations.

Dr Workman said: ‘If you look at polygamist societies, men are quite competitive towards other men because the pressures are bigger.

‘The most successful men can have four”, he said.

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  1. taiwo

    We cannot shy away from Allah ‘s commandment and the teaching and the Prophet pbuh. Truth will always prevail

  2. Hassan Olufunso YUSUF

    This research has confirmed what Islam has preached for almost 1,500 years. It seems to be saying that Islam is the way, the only way.

  3. Ashikibu Alexander

    The research is an opinion of few among billion of people here on Earth. The validity have not been proven beyond reasonable doubts, therefore is difficult to draw a conclusion that marrying more than a wife will make one live long. The researchers, forgot to mention the economic, lifestyle, geographical location and religious factors as some of the key players to be considered.

  4. Gbenga ojo

    Some blind muslims folks talking here?my great great grand fathers has been practicing polygamy before Christianity and Islam. You can marry as much as you can. Not one or 4 as many as possible

    • Bello Sabo

      This world of many surprises! Some of each who can not accurately and reliably mention his four great grandfather’s talking about his ancestors before Islam and Christianity. ! Thanks to the world of freedom of expression.

    • Dupsy

      Truth, you have said. Thanks. Even in islam, in the Quran, it says you can marry more than one, if you can do justice (treat them equally no bias) to them equally. It’s an open condition which means, marry one because man/human are bias in nature. Let every Muslims read that part well with an open mind.

      • TK

        It is good for you to go and ask the scholars of Islam so that you will have the right understanding of the verse you referenced.

        Your personal opinion does not count when it comes to the words of Allah.

  5. Rabi Argungu

    Alhamdulillah!! Whatever goes up must come down. Some may think that Islam is an annoying religion but now little by little they come to realize that there is no religion of truth and wisdom than ISLAM.
    Thank You Allah for Your best choices to us; we did not choose to be Muslims but Allah showered His mercy on us for choosing us to be Muslims.

  6. fayzal olalekan Bakare

    This is the word from holy Quran.Directed by ALLAH to prophet Mohammed PBUH.That among u.You can married one wife or four wife’s maximum.if u know u will be equal among your wife’s.Now its come to reality of life.ISLAM is the religion of ALLAH.

  7. Jibrin Yusuf Bala


  8. Atitebi Alani

    Islam and Christianity are older than your great…….grand parents if you are intelligent. Its better one recognised truth and acknowledge it instead of stupidly abusing those you hate because you are not of their faith. Then judge yourself .

  9. Mustapha Warabe

    Alhamdilillah. this research would also open up some hidden fact. Africans have always stayed polygamous its just that the Christians here hide the second or third wife’s to be discovered when they are dead unlike we the Muslims. Marry more wife The word Allah has is here for u

  10. wale olayemi

    I think it is sad for any sane individual to abrogate the outcome of this research to the injunction of a particular religion. In Africa, long before the advent of Christianity or Islam, our forebears are polygamists marrying as much as 10 to 20 wives. So it stands logic in the head for some religious bigots to be shouting on top of their voices that their religion prescribed marrying up to four wives.

    • answer wale

      islam did not start from Mohammad, Wale understand this. our forefathers had warners and prophets from Allah who taught them Islam as do other prophets like Moses, Solomon and Jesus sent to the Israelite. You guys can”t get it that the only universal religion is Islam preached by all apostles named in the Bible and Quran and a lot others not mention in the books you know. Jesus never know church and pray like the muslims.
      please get this correction.

      • Akin Jango

        Our problems in the whole wide world is not disjointed fro religion bigotry. Polygamy or no polygamy is a matter of choice! As for which religion speaks truth, you guys should go back and check the origin of the two world leading religions. I make bold to say, whether Christianity or Islam, polygamy has been in existence before either of them. Come to think of it, Abraham who gave birth to both religions was a polygamist. As such polygamy is older than any believe!
        Apart from this Muslims and Christians are not the only faith in the world. There are other faith who’s norm is polygamy! But what is important is that, if you know you cant cope with two wives, do not hide under Islamic faith to marry 4. And if you know you are capable of marring more than one do not be deceived by Christianity and hide other women and their children! Follow your heart and use you brain.

        • Molly Sandera

          “if you know you cant cope with two wives, do not hide under Islamic faith to marry 4.”
          And Islam itself says that if you cannot cope with more than one wife, then you can only marry one. See the verse 3 in chapter 4 below:
          “And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice].”

  11. Sayd Ibrahim

    Alhamdulillah, most researches made today in the world are an interpretation of the words of Qur’an. Allahu akbar

    • Akin Jango

      This is not true! Trado-African Culture and believe legalized polygamy too. And several other religions.

  12. Umar Usman

    Allah is just in any way, so the prophet (s a w) said if you can be just marry more. Allah command him say so not on his own will. The truth is now open to anyone who is not blind

  13. Hafsah

    Verily the word of Allah is true. All that is left is for man to be sincere in its actions. Islam is the only religion that truly appreciate the human nature.

  14. saheed shosanya

    truth is bitter ,we have to say it,islam who prescribe for muslim to marry more than one knows what will surely happen,Allah want the best for us .most of our sisters, in islam need deep orientation about this.

  15. Sani banjo

    Most marriages crumbles as a result of infidelities. One person or both parties are not contented with each other in terms of sexual satisfaction, which lead them to extra marital affiars.

  16. nana yusuf

    This research just talks about men living long.what about the women involve.will all the fighting and intense competition make them live longer too or make the die of high blood pressure?


    ignorance and misunderstanding of the Bible , Christianity is not totally condemning polygamy but only to those who want to vie for an exulted office in the church . 2samuel 12:8 . God said to David through his messenger Nathan ” I gave you this kingdom , and I gave you wives too ,if it was not enough I would have multiplied them by 2 .
    So Polygamy is not a deterrence of making heaven .

  18. enebi Okai

    This research is a great lie from the pit of hell. Many monogamous men in my country live very long and many polygamous men have died early. No serious person should pay attention to this research. Satan always attempt to twist God’s law with out success.

  19. MR Odejobi Emmanuel Damilare

    It is well, God knows best. I believe more. Women more problem. Solomon was misled by a strange woman dat made him not do d will of God and he worshipped idol @ d end of his life, which made God devide is kingdom into 12. @ d oda hand king david @ old age slept with a young woman to make him warm. Our old heroes in d bible married 2wives. God said in d bible go yea to d world tomultiply and Subdue d earth. Adam married one wife and not 2 still helive longer. Marrying. Wives doesn’t make a. Man live longer. Dat is my point. God said. Adam was alone and his not good 4 man to be lonely he removed his ribs and create eve his wife and he said d flesh of my flesh and bones ofmy bones. Somy fellow brodas And sisters,polygamy doesn’t give logetivity of life.

  20. muhammed pedro

    The variables and hypothesis of the findings are not specified.
    Though, I believe that men who practice polygyny tends to live longer but in this recent days in Nigeria where there is high economic hardship and majority of the citizens are on the poor side.

  21. Dokun Ogunba

    The last time i checked, the researcher never mentioned any religion!

    Let’s keep conversations on this subject that way.

    These posts are not being read by only Nigerians for goodness sake.

    We shouldn’t at this stage of our natural/national lives be playing inferiority/superiority contests along ethnic/religious/class divides!


  22. Moshood Akinsola

    Left to me, most christians are hypocrite, we have enough examples among prominent christian here in Nigeria, the most successful men and women here in Nigeria are from polygamous family but most of them trying to hide under church umbrella and practicing monogamy are misleading you the followers but after their death like late chief bola Ige , other children outside their marriage will show up. If you dont want to be carrying coolers to the cafeterias at late sixty please heed to Allah’s advise. Alihamdulilahi for we that fortunate to follow the right path.

  23. Deborah

    This is no research. Polygamy has been practisedesigned since creation. But a fact remains…. children from polygamous marriages do poorly economically, have low literacy levels and poor quality of life. Living a long life without a good quality of life is a wasted life.

  24. Steve

    Seek the kingdom of heaven first and all will be adding to you, more wives can not send you to heaven and if you live long at all still you die so think about where the soul is going first not wives…

  25. Maimuna Ikwulono

    It will be interesting to know if d research has also established that marriage to more than one husband can prolong lifespan.

  26. Sani Adamu

    Islam is Wonderful take it or live it ,please take your time to read the Quran and digest from its teaching understand the concept .surely you will not have any religion like Islam. ALLAHU AKBAR.

  27. Yinka Salaam

    ASUU also supports polygamy

    The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) corroborated this when it resolved in one of its recent NEC MEETINGS to encourage its members to take more than one wife because it helps in enhancing a person’s health conditions.

    This resolution was made by ASUU after it received the report of a research it commissioned on the issue. According to the ASUU research report, men that practice polygamy are less prone to non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc.

    And now this research from University of Sheffield.


    Allah and His Prophet do not lie. The West have decided to force their beliefs on the universe simply because they think they are the best. That their way of life is the best. Observations show that when an elderly man marries a young lady, his lifespan increases. He doesn’t experience old-age ailments as compared to a monogamous.

  29. Omotunde Johnson

    Unfortunately, for a research of this type, you have to do a lot more studies and control for many other factors that help determine longevity, in order to finally come to the conclusion that you have isolated the effect of polygamy. The finding of the paper is interesting, but my gut feeling is that the conclusion right now cannot be taken as seriously as the author and a few others have done. Good luck in continuing the exercise.

  30. Hajj Sly T

    What more can we ask for in this matter.
    You legally establish a polygamous family, you love happily and longer.
    I think it the safest lifestyle any reasonable person think of.
    May Allah bless all those relationships.

  31. Jimi Sogo

    Authentic scriptures certainly do not forbid polygamy. Christianity does simply because it is a syncretic religion ABOUT the scriptures but not The Way of Life. Christianity is man’s understanding of the written Word. It lacks the spirit of Yahuah the Most High. It was developed almost 1900 years ago by nations that have no understanding of the Creator for He did not reveal Himself to them. The only nation on earth with whom He had a covenant is Yisrael ( pls note this has nothing to do with the present interlopers currently parading themselves as “jews” who are the synagogue of satan!)
    Christianity worships “god”, a being whose whose name originates from pagan teutonic-english language, whose true nature is obscured to most of the world. It calls on “jesus, jezeus or is it iesous”, all greco-latin name acronyms for the antimessiah who promotes Torah-lessness.
    Islam may support polygamy but that does not make it the true way. For speaking 99% is not speaking of Yahuah El Shaddai. His Way is 100% truth and His Name, the true Name that saves from the deception of ha shatan, is YAHUSHA, The Salvation of YAHUAH.

  32. Abdiwali Mohamud

    Islam has all ready mentioned importance of having more than one wive, because the Qur’an mentioned to have two Wives, three Wives finally four Wives. To have one wife is last and finally step.

  33. Islam is a religion perfected by Allah for us to follow because scientific evidence shows that many miners crib found in the Holy Quran are now prove functional, both physical, social and financially.

  34. Bro (Hon) Benjamin Oboh

    This is a perfect research. The asertion has long been confirmed here in Nigeria with simple method of research conducted by a lectural in one of the Nigerian higher institutions.
    The researcher, in his method, used obituary announcements on both print and electronic media. He collected the announcements for over the period of 3 years and discovered as follows:
    …Mr “A” survived by 4 wives, 23 children… Age-110 years = 55%
    …Mr.”B” survived by 2 wives, 13 Children… Age- 95 years = 35%
    …Mr.”C” survived by 1 wife 2 children…
    Age- 48 years = 7%
    Mr. “D” survived by aged mother and brothers and sisters…
    Age- 45 years = 3%
    Finding shows that men with many wives and children last longer than the men with one wife and very few children or with no wife and a child.
    No wonder the Bible, the only holy book of the Almighty God supports POLYGAMY. Monogamy is not the teaching of TRUE Christianity but a western adopted culture.

    • Auwa m bello

      Are u serios about your claim that Christianity supports polygamy? If yes, i want more clarification and reference. Thank you sir.


    Alhamdulillah this research has only given credence to the words of Allah (S.W.T). May He guide us to right path.

  36. Adeleke Ibrahim Taiwo

    In everything Allaah has created are His signs.
    Later scientific and Investigative efforts can only but, attest to the reality of life as explained in Al-Qur’an.
    May Allaah be praised!!!

  37. The stress of caring for a family can take its toll on anyone’s health. Add in two or even three more families and it’s easy to see how someone’s risk for health complications can increase. A recent study presented at the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress 2015 (APSC 2015) has found that practicing polygamy can quadruple a person’s risk for coronary artery disease — the buildup of plaque in the heart’s arteries — and, subsequently, coronary heart disease.

    “There is evidence that married people have better overall health and longevity, but until now no study has assessed the effect of polygamy on cardiovascular health,” Dr. Amin Daoulah, a cardiologist at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, said in a statement. “Men who practice polygamy have up to four concurrent wives who can reside in the same or different regions but do not normally reside in the same house. Polygamy is practiced mainly in North and West Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia.”

    Daoulah and his colleagues set out to determine the relationship between an individual’s number of wives and their presence and severity of coronary artery disease. Data included 687 married men referred to five hospitals in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for coronary angiography. At an average age of 59, 56 percent of participants had diabetes, 57 percent had hypertension, and 45 percent had a previous history with coronary artery disease.

    While 68 percent of men had one wife, 19 percent had two, 10 percent had three wives, and three percent had four wives. On average, men with more than one wife were older, lived in rural areas, had a higher income, and a history of coronary artery bypass grafting, a type of surgery that improves blood flow to the heart. Men practicing polygamy increased their risk for coronary artery disease 4.6-fold, risk for left main artery disease 3.5-fold, and risk for multivessel disease 2.6-fold. Each man’s risk for all three disease increased as their number of wives did.

    “We found an association between an increasing number of wives and the severity and number of coronary blockages,” Daoulah said. “This could be because the need to provide and maintain separate households multiplies the financial burden and emotional expense. Each household must be treated fairly and equally, and it seems likely that the stress of doing that for several spouses and possibly several families of children is considerable.”

    Researchers provided multiple explanations for why having more than one wife can increase a man’s risk for heart disease. The stress that comes with maintaining and providing for multiple households could do severe damage to the husband’s heart health. Further research will focus on other possible explanations tied to polygamy, such as physical inactivity, diet, and the genetic effects of incest. It will also be aimed toward determining the risk for coronary artery disease among wives in a polygamist relationship.

    Source: Daoulah A, et al. Polygamy increases risk of heart disease by more than 4-fold. Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress. 2015.

  38. Samson duro

    Muslims, I know u enjoy immortality, make una dey Mary dozens.
    D results await u. ‘omo beere, oshi beere’

  39. Alhamdilillah. this research would also open up some hidden fact. Africans have always stayed polygamous. Its just that Christians hide their second or third wife to be discovered when they are dead unlike the Muslims. Marry more wives. Allah is there for you.

  40. Salhi

    I have a sister and daughter, and I love them.
    The research does provide for their longevity if they are in a polygamous home.
    Should a man be the one to live long in the world?
    In fairness, no woman can tell you sincerely that she is happy sharing a man even if tradition and religion permits polygamy.

  41. ayo

    Before the advent of Islam, polygamy has been in existence and Islam has come to encourage it the more. Even in the bible, we’ve heard about polygamous family but it gives me surprise when xtians preach the man made bible called new testament in other to discourage it. Now research has proven it again.

  42. Ebrat

    During my three decades living in Europe, where monogamy is pressed and forced by law, not everybody is obeying the rule.

    They enjoy another person in their bed and even as frequently as possible.

    So, having crossmarital relationship its tradirion, it is definitely a sound practice to allow poligamy.

  43. Very true but many men who marry more than one wife in Nigeria, for example, are going to end up in hell fire just because they do not fulfil the purpose and requirement of marrying more than one wife.

    They do not follow the Qur’an and Hadiths injunction on it. Most men in Nigeria, who practice polygamy, do not do justice between their wives. Many of them shelve the household responsibilities to their wives and still have several concubines after marrying up to four wives thereby defeating the real purpose of polygamy.

    On the part of women, naturally we are jealous by nature, its only with the fear of Allah n acceptance of our destiny that we can overcome it, I can boldly say that more than 70 per cent of homes that practice polygamy in Nigeria have children that are subdued in their potentials. Each wife do not want any other child to be greater than hers and in that way she will do anything possible to subdue the potential of that child either physically or spiritually.

    When the husband dies, that’s when war begins. Most families do not follow the Islamic way of sharing property and they end up killing most of the children, physically and spiritually. One would now wonder what the man has benefitted from marrying more than one wife. Allah knows best.

    In some cases the woman that worked with the husband in acquiring the wealth may end up not having any child or few compared to the other ones.

    In short there are lots of factors involved. A polygamous marriage can only work well if all the parties involved have the fear of Allah. May Allah guide us aright. Amin.

  44. I know a popular Alhaji who is well versed in the Qur’an and Hadiths. He has four wives, placed them in different states in the north but he works in Apapa, Lagos.

    The youngest wife stays with him in Lagos. He vist his other wives during the weekend giving each wife two days per month, thereby giving the youngest wife 20 days in a month. To worsen it all, he has a lot of concubines.

    So, as much as marrying up to four wives is sunnah, it will be detrimental and cause of jahanama for a lot of men. Many men find it hard to offer their five daily prayers punctually, yet they fight for rights of marrying more than one wife.

    The one that makes me laugh most is our gateman (Hausa man). He has three wives in Maiduguri and hustle in Lagos to fend for them, collecting a salary of N17,000 (Fine most of the northerners in Lagos have farmland in their villages).

    He spends more than nine months in Lagos and spend less than three months in his village to till his land and impregnate his wives. Then he comes back to Lagos to hustle for another nine months.

    Is that life? He even told me that if you marry only one wife in his place, one will be mocked and laughed at; that you are not man enough but if you have four wives with lots of children, you will be respected.

    What is the assurance that the wives would not commit zinna being alone for nine months? What will be the fate of those children if the man die (Almajiri?)

    As much as Allah allow us to marry more than one wife, its not meant for everyone.

  45. Tajudeen Lamidi

    Polygamy, rather than polygyny, is natural and has been in practice from ages with success. If it is practised based on the divine of our Creator’s rules and regulations, it is ok. There is certainly wisdom in God injunctions and what He allows.

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  47. coleman

    why are some people doubting the integrity of this research,after all those who have been talking about your grandfathers ,what is your proof and reference.Is it based on the Bible or what where the bible prohibit polygamy as the Christians proclaim.

  48. Oladejo Abdulganiy Ayodele

    Actually, we need to be concious of the way we use words. The best word in this context is polygyny and not polygamy. Because polygamy is a general word for both polygyny and polyandry. Or do you also mean a woman taking more than one husband will live long because of that.

  49. This is statistical analysis but has been proven scientifically, imagine the Ayah of the Quran stops at four that’s maximum is four. According to gametogenesis ( gamete formation) which is divided into two * spermatogenesis (sperm formation)and the other one is *oogenesis (egg formation).
    Spermatogenesis starts with the division of spermatogonium and enlarges to form primary spermatocyte and during first meiosis it divides to form two secondary spermatocyte and each secondary spermatocyte divides to give two spermatids each during second meiosis ( four spermatids all together). It is this spermatids that matures to become four sperm cells.
    Oogenesis starts with the division of oogonium and enlarges to form primary oocyte and during first meiosis it divides to form a secondary oocyte and the first polar body and during second meiosis secondary oocyte divides into an ootid and one polar body and the first polar body divides into two polar bodies (three polar bodies are produced all together during second meiosis). It is the ootid that matures to become an ovum. In contrast, males can manage more than a female while females nothing more than one male. Allahu Akbar

  50. There have been so many researches on balanced diet, sporting activities, avoiding smokibg, alcohol, sigarete smoking snd the rest as precausor for good heslth and long life, no hulabalu. But unverified research on license for sexual promuscuity is sending litany of claims and disclaim of one religion or the other or superior/inferior religion in the social media. Instead of uniting to sir your voices against the cabals from all religious divide in power who are united in impoverishing us, you are busy spliting your heads. What is sex without a healthy life. What life without healthy meals? Find something good to say that can bring peace to Nigeria. Before you know this matter will degenerate to a level where sone group will start killing for “denigrating their religion.

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