Police investigating threat against Christchurch’s al-Noor mosque

New Zealand police on Wednesday said they were investigating threats made against one of the two Christchurch mosques in which a gunman killed 51 people almost a year ago.

Canterbury Police executed a search warrant at a Christchurch address after a photo of worshippers at the al-Noor mosque with threatening content was shared on social media on Sunday.

The police said they were speaking to a 19-year-old man in connection with the threat.

The photo was posted two weeks out from the one-year anniversary of the March 15 massacre.

“The man has been charged on an unrelated matter and police have continued to gather evidence in relation to the al-Noor incident,’’ Police Superintendent John Price said in a statement.

“The further sharing of this image is causing significant distress and anxiety for members of our community,’’ Price warned.

“This type of imagery has no place in Aotearoa New Zealand.’’

The abhorrent image had been referred to New Zealand’s chief censor for consideration as to whether it should be classified as objectionable material.

Police also said they located a number of items at the address where they conducted the search, including a vehicle.

They added the man was from the address but did not provide further details.

Police continued to work alongside al-Noor mosque, Linwood mosque, and other members of the community impacted by the terror attack and have increased patrols in the lead up to the anniversary.

In June, Australian Brenton Tarrant pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges as well as 51 counts of murder and 40 counts of attempted murder for the March 15 attacks.

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His trial is set to start in June.


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