POEM: __Wastrel__

Wasted by the wild wild West
Wholly with their wishes and whims
Wandering the whole wide world
Wastefully wilting and withering
While we think we wield wisdom

We start school by the age of two
Nursery school for three years true
Primary school takes six years too
Six years in the secondary schools
By seventeen, we’re still not through

Four to seven years for higher schools
Bachelors we are but we married books
Two more years, we’re Masters schooled
Two again, we’re doctorate tools
No insult meant but we’re being fooled!

We’re thirty years old seeking jobs
Then at thirty-two, we settle for love
Head and backaches make do with Robb
Working up all day for lil income
To build small huts, no cash for blocks.

I’m sorry to say but we’re wastrels
With burdens we bear like wet towels
Few thousands in banks we feel we’re well
You’ve been a waste! Ask Dr. Wells
Think for yourself and no one else!

For fifty years what have we gained?
Have we been busy or we’ve been playing?
Our deaths are near, it’s clear and plain!
How are we prepared for the rain?
The rains of questions about our reign.

We’ve not been going to Arabic schools
Quran was revealed in Arabic fonts
We’ve bolted Bible with English screws
But it was revealed in Hebrew tongue
See what the wild West make us do!

We’ve studied books and books in vain!
What do we know about God’s reign?
Years upon years we’re being trained
We’re no different from Adam Cain
Who for worldly love, Abel he’s slain

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Muhammad is with no MSc
Jesus is with no Bsc
Moses has got no PhD
David had no HND
They’ve made heaven with no big deal

They didn’t but we’ve lost focus on God
By the treachery of the wanton West
We’ve copied and let down our guard
We’ve lost our wills and vital zest
We’ve let Godliness out of our gourds!

No one is saying we can’t learn
Knowledge is power, we must yearn
But not trapped by the western sphere
Dedicate time for a God that’s near
Waste not all years on worldly earn

Wasted by the wild wild West we are
Wholly with their whims and wishes
Wandering the whole wide world
Wastefully wilting and withering
While we think we wield wisdom

Nathan A’Qawiyy Alexandre Owolabi Chiwuzo is a member of TRNG Writers Club

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