Plane crash: Iran blames USA’s sanction

Iran plane crash1

The Iranian Government in Tehran has cited U.S. sanctions, which have long prevented it from buying new aircraft or spare parts from the West, as being responsible for the series of plane crashes the country is experiencing.

Crash site of Iranian plane where 65 passenger were feared dead on Sunday

Crash site of Iranian plane where 65 passenger were feared dead on Sunday

On Sunday, Feb. 18, a Tehran’s passenger plane with 65 passengers on board, disappeared from the radar and later found crashed in mountainous Central Iran.

Iran has suffered several planes crashes in the past few decades.

Officials said the crashed ATR plane was 25 years old.

The Iranian military located the wreckage of the passenger plane the Revolutionary Guards told state television on Tuesday, two days after the plane disappeared from radar.

The Aseman Airlines flight from Tehran crashed on Sunday 50 minutes into its journey to the southwestern city of Yasuj.

No one is expected to have survived.

A deal with world powers on Iran’s nuclear programme has lifted some of those sanctions, opening the way for Iranian airlines to update their creaking fleets.

Aseman signed a deal in 2017 to buy at least 30 Boeing 737 MAX jets. National carrier IranAir has ordered 80 planes from Boeing and 100 from Airbus.

Based in the southern French city of Toulouse, ATR is a joint venture between Airbus and Italy’s Leonardo

Earlier air disasters include the crash of a Boeing 727 passenger plane in 2011 which killed 78 people in the northwest of Iran and the 2009 crash of a Caspian Airlines Tupolev aircraft bound for Armenia, which killed all 168 people on board.

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One of Iran’s worst air accidents happened in February 2003 when an Iranian Ilyushin-76 troop carrier crashed in Southeast Iran, killing all 276 Revolutionary Guard soldiers and crew.

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