Pastor, one other nab for stealing pants in Ondo

 Police in Ondo State has arrested a pastor and one other man for being in possession of five female pants.

Women's underwears

Women’s underwears

The suspects paraded before newsmen in Akure are Pastor Olajide Ogunleye of the Celestial Church of Christ a 35-year-old Adojoh Ojonugwa, who is an indigene of Kogi State.

Ojonugwa was said to have stolen three pants belonging to his sister and two pants belonging to his brother’s wife for money ritual purposes.

He was however arrested after his brother’s wife noticed that her pants had gone missing and reported to the police.

The five pants were later found in Ojonugwa’s bag.

The state police command paraded the suspects on Wednesday at the command headquarters in Akure.

Confessing to the crime, Ojonugwa said that Ogunleye instructed him to bring the pants if he wanted to escape poverty and hardship.

“When things were difficult for me, I approached the pastor to help me out spiritually and he first gave me something like seeds to swallow and then asked me to go and bring women’s pants as ingredients for money rituals.

“I obeyed the pastor because immediately after I swallowed the thing he gave me, I could no longer disobey him.

“I could not even ask him what he wanted to do with the female pants that he asked me to bring.

“All I knew was that I went to my brother’s house and stole his wife’s pants and those of my sister,” Ojonugwa said.

But Ogunleye denied sending Ojonugwa to bring the female pants.

He said that Ojonugwa and his brother planned to set him up.

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“I don’t know him; I never set my eyes on him before now; he and his brother are just lying against me; it was his brother that I know.

“He wanted to buy a piece of land from me but I refused to sell the land to him because he wanted to use the land to plant cannabis.

“I was surprised to be arrested by the police for a matter I know nothing about.

“It was a frame-up by his brother because I refused to sell the land to him,” Ogunleye said.

However, the command spokesman, Femi Joseph said that the suspects would soon be charged to court.

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