Palestinians say one killed as Israeli troops fire on Gaza protest

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian who was among a group of Gazans throwing burning tires and fireworks during a protest along the border on Sunday, officials in Gaza said.

Palestinian protesters run for cover from teargas fired by Israeli troops during a protest

Palestinian protesters run for cover from tear gas fired by Israeli troops during a protest

An Israeli army spokesman said “hundreds of rioters and demonstrators” had gathered along the border.

“The rioters were burning tires and hurling burning tires and firecrackers,” the spokesman said, adding that the soldiers “responded with riot dispersal means” and operated “in accordance with standard operating procedures.”

Gaza’s Health Ministry said one Palestinian was shot dead and 20 others wounded.

The man killed belonged to a group that tries to distract Israeli soldiers with burning tires and firecrackers, medical officials said.

Since Gazans began holding weekly border protests on March 30, the Israeli army has killed 184 Palestinians and wounded thousands.

A Gaza sniper has killed an Israeli soldier.

Israel says Hamas deliberately provokes violence at the protests, a charge Hamas denies.

SOURCE: Reuters

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