Osun Decide: “Let’s Not Throw Away The Baby With The Bathwater” – Jaji

Firstly let me say I am not an indigene of Osun but an admirer of that state and its wonderful people. Osun remains the birthplace of great men and women who have shaped and continue to shape our common destiny.

Taking account of recent events in Osun and the far-reaching consequences they have on the progress of Southwest and the country at large, I am compelled to make this appeal to my fellow compatriots in Osun.

Our country is at a delicate point in our journey towards self-rediscovery, rejuvenation and repositioning. While we have made modest gains in recent time, the need to consolidate and expand more imposes on us the imperative of coalescing all our efforts and channelling them towards positive ends.
In this journey of national rebirth, Osun state is strategic and critical – just like it was in 2015 when it played a historical role in the enthronement of the current administration.
And just like then – as was in the past, history is beckoning again unto the people of Osun to once again come out as the champions and promoters of a new Nigeria. But then, there is a problem!
Osun is at a critical junction now – threatening to revolt – and perhaps rightfully so – given the turns of event in the recent past.
Indeed, I do not underestimate the untold hardship Osun people have been through in the recent past – especially the civil servants due to delayed salaries. Neither will I pretend not to have heard the painful lamentations and cries of our dearly beloved fathers and mothers – the pensioners – going through really difficult times. My prayer is that may your labour not be in vain. May you all live to reap the fruits of your labour in life.
Indeed, given the peculiarity of Osun being a civil-servant state – with the economies of the rest members of the state inexorably tied to those of the civil servants, one can indeed appreciate the anger in the land.
Angry! Truly you have every right to be. But equally, have you the greater duty to moderate that anger In the interest of our collective . Any decision taken now is sure to determine the course of future events. We all owe it to ourselves to make wise, responsible and enduring decisions at times like this.
No doubt Osun is at the threshold of history or better put – the 3000 plus people in the four areas affected by the election rerun exercise have a bounden duty to take a decision for which posterity shall smile on them.
This time calls for living above parochialism, vendetta and the urge to act impropriety. Rather reason, common sense and circumspection must prevail over impulsiveness, anger and hatred – if only for the benefit of the next generation.
You must weigh carefully the choice between APC and PDP in the coming rerun polls. You must weigh who among the two candidates possesses the required capacity, experience and the know-how to better fix Osun and it’s myriads of problems. You must ask: when the chips are down, will the *Omowa wa ni, e je o se* sentiment automatically confer immediate capacity on someone who fundamentally lacks it.?
Further pertinent questions must also include: will disposing of off with a capable and experienced hand for the sole reason of punishing the incumbent governor, translate into the desired progress and development? Will bringing a novice with little or no experience about governance into office suddenly make the backlog of salaries and pensions arrears disappear?
Please let us learn from the recent experience of Ekiti state. People voted against Kayode Fayemi in the initial first-time return attempt to punish him coupled with the rigging machinery of PDP. They also called him *Ajele – But were they better off under *”Omo-igboro’* Fayose?
Osun people must wise-up and not sacrifice their future wellbeing on the altar of anger and hatred. Remember when the heat goes down – the damage already done by any wrong decision may not be easily reversible.
Ogbeni Raufu took some wrong steps -Yes! And those decisions brought short-term hardship unto the people -Yes! But is voting for an apprentice to solve an already compounded situation the way out? – No! Has the alternative candidate articulated a better programme of action to rescue the situation? – No! Has he even demonstrated the capacity – both intellectually and otherwise to correct the mistakes? – No! 
Therefore, my appeal to the 3498 people of Osogbo, Orolu, Ife North and Ife South – who fate has saddled with this critical decision of determining the next leader of Osun to please rise above primordial sentiments, eschew parochialism and embrace pragmatism and rationality in exercising this right. Let us *Not Cut Our Nose To Spite Our Collective Face!*
I’m sure with the recent events Ogbeni Aregbe, the APC and indeed all of us have learnt invaluable lessons. What we need now is large-heartedness, mutual forgiveness and solidarity. We are all in this together.
God Bless Osun People!
Sincerely Your Brother,
Oludare Jaji.
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