Osun creates 31 new LCDAs, 3 area councils, 2 admin offices

Gov Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State has created 31 new Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs), assuring that they would not constitute any financial burden to the state.

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Governor of the State of Osun

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Governor of the State of Osun

Aregbesola announced the news LCDAs in a statewide broadcast on Tuesday, following the dissolution of the management committees of the existing 30 Local Government Councils and Area Offices and the creation of three Area Councils, and two Administrative Offices.

He said that his administration will judiciously use the state revenues to ensure that the new initiative becomes a blessing rather that a burden.

The Renaissance reports that the request for additional local councils had witnessed several legal procedures, which culminated into an executive bill to the State House of Assembly.

Subsequently, a referendum was held on February 19, 2015 to which the people of the state overwhelmingly gave a Yes vote, after which the bill was signed into law.

Speaking on the creation of more councils, in the face of financial challenges, Aregbesola maintained that the primary responsibilities of the local councils involve overall development the grassroots.

“The primary responsibilities of our new local government system are sanitation, market management and revenue mobilisation and generation.

“This is consistent with local government administration worldwide,” the governor said.

He said that the state would save huge cost with the new system, explaining that the same number of staff would still run all the councils and that no new appointments would be made.

He hinted that the entire local government system would be managed by Council Managers, who shall be deployed by the Local Government Service
Commission from among the senior staff in the local governments for three months.

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‎”Many people would be wondering and asking why we create more local councils at this time of financial challenges?

“We have given sufficient consideration to this. With this new parliamentary system, it will cost less to run the new councils and save a lot of money for the government.

“The beauty of this new system is its parliamentary nature, which requires the chairman and the vice chairman to be elected by the councillors from among their own ranks, thereby saving cost,” Aregbesola said.


By Adeyinka Aremu, Osogbo

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