Osun APC Chieftain  Re-echoes need for Nigeria Restructuring

One of the All Progressive Congress,(APC) chieftain in  the state,Prince Dotun Babayemi has re-echoed the need for restructuring of the country.

Babayemi who is result oriented executive with global management experience hailed from Gbongan in Ayedada Local Government Area of Osun state.

The APC Chieftain said this at a media night-Out parley held at the NUJ Press Centre,Osogbo, Osun State on Monday.

Babayemi, who is one of the NUJ Osun Council Awardee for 2017 said that Nigeria restructuring is inevitable for the promotion of peace, equity and development.

According to him, oil producing states collects 13% derivation from the federation account whereas solid minerals producing states does not enjoy any derivation fund at all.

Thus, when a state like Akwa lbom gets N20 Billion allocation within 3 months, but state like Osun getspaltry N2 Billion within the same period.

While States like Osun and Zamfara have the largest deposit of gold in the country, many others statestoo have various solid minerals but they have no derivation funds for them.

Babayemi who was a key resource person in implementation of platform for 2015 Nigerian Presidential, National Assembly and Lagos gubernatorial elections for the All Progressives Congress (APC) noted that the military coup d’état of 1966 affected the regional developments of the first republic and the consequent military interregnum for  decades produced unitary command structure that has created the present inequality.

He stated further that the military produced constitution of 1979 that produced the costly presidential system of government that ushered in the second republic as well as the aborted third republic and the current political dispensation are faulty because they are not peoples made constitution.

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Thus, Nigerians should be free to discuss their future, which include restructuring of the country in a democracy.

Babayemi, who is a lawyer and security expert, bemoaned the present situation where there is proliferation of security agencies.

According to him, the role assigned to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps should have been left entirely in the confines of the Nigerian Police.

He also frowned at the role assigned to the Federal Road Safety Corps when there is Highways unit in the police  He would prefer the strengthening of the police rather than duplication with multi-security agencies.

Babayemi, whose political aspiration is repositioning of the prime position of the Yoruba nation through effective negotiated legislation in the National Assembly, berated the situation where the National Assembly is made a full time job.

According to him , National Assembly should be a part-time duty while the salary and allowances should be reduced drastically to reflect this reality.

As it is only when this is done that people who genuinely wants to serve humanity would find their ways to the National Assembly.

Babayemi opined that it is when more elites join politics that politics would become more virile, dynamic and cleaner.

By Saheed Adeyemi,Osogbo

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