OSSG denies plan to merge tertiary institutions

Mrs Titilayo Laoye-Tomori, the deputy governor of Osun State

Osun State Government has again denied rumour on alleged plan no plan to either scrap or merge some of the tertiary institutions in the state.

Mrs Titilayo Laoye-Tomori, the deputy governor, stated this while briefing members of the State House of Assembly Committee on Education over the state education policy and development in the education sector.

She said the government only advised the institutions to harmonise some of the courses in  the state-owned tertiary institutions to avoid duplication of courses and ensure that graduates of the institutions acquire appropriate skills that can make them self sustaining  after graduation.

“The Government has directed the forum of chairmen of the governing board of the institutions to review its programmes and come up with a Position Paper on how to make students job creators rather than job seekers after graduation.

“We want our Polytechnics to run courses that would meet the need of the nation and make the graduates self reliant.

“Towards this end, the Government has directed all the tertiary institutions  to devote 50 per cent of their admission quota to their  main programmes,  25 per cent should be devoted to Remedial Programmes to cater for the teeming youths  that could not gain admission to any tertiary Institution,” She said.

She explained that polytechnics were to devote 25 per cent of their admission to Vocational, Technical and Skill Acquisition Courses where graduates that want to acquire such skills can enroll, and where artisans that want to sharpen their skills and acquire certificates can  equally be admitted.

“Colleges of Education are to devote 25 per cent of their admission quota to running of continuous education programmes for training of teachers from all over the State and beyond.

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“This is to ensure that we produce graduates that will be useful  to themselves and be able to establish their own businesses after graduation as well as ensure sustenance of well trained teachers in  elementary and Secondary Schools in the State,” she said.

Deputy Governor asserted that government has at no time nursed any intention to scrap or nurse any institution.

“There is no plan to scrap any of the four Tertiary Institutions, we just want them to run viable programmes.

The Government is still expecting the Position Paper from the Forum of the Governing Council Chairmen before implementation,” Tomori said.

Also, speaking at the forum, the Chairman, House Committee on Education, Folorunsho Bamisayemi commended the government handling of issues bothering on education in the state.

“Series of controversies that had ensued over the education policies of government are indication that the government is committed to getting things done in the sector by not dodging the issues, but proffering solutions to them.

“The paucity of funds required that the government should come up with ingenious ways of sustaining the system and increasing the quality in the system,” he said.

Bamisayemi therefore passed a vote of confidence on the government on the way it has handled the education system, saying, the Assembly would come up with ideas to assist the government in realising its goals.


By Yinka Salaam

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