Organised labour canvasses death penalty for corruption

The organized Labour Union in Nigeria has advocated for capital punishment for corrupt officials as obtained in China and India.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Civil Society groups who are today holding a mass rally against corruption across the thirty six states of Nigeria and Abuja made the call on Tuesday.

The rally is meant to drum support for the anti-corruption crusade of President Muhammadu Buhari. At a press conference held in Abuja on Tuesday ahead of today’s rally, the NLC President, Ayuba Wabba and TUC President Bobboi Kaigama said
that the labour unions are in support of whatever measure would address the issue of corruption in the country, including death

“If such capital punishment can happen in China, India and South Africa, it can also happen in Nigeria; whatever measure that will address the issue of this mind-boggling corruption in the country, NLC will support it.”

Wabba said that corruption has destroyed the very fabric of the Nigerian nation and spirit of self worth, charging the government of President Buhari to save Nigeria from the destruction and self annihilation.

“As organised labour, we firmly believe that the political leadership of our country must act decisively to get us out of the brink of disaster that greed and primitive accumulation through open looting of our commonwealth in the last six and more years, has brought us to.” Wabba told the Government to make sure that all funds taken illegally from the treasury is traced and the perpetrators brought to book.

On his part, Kaigama expressed concern about the biting effect of corruption that has led to financial crunch across the country.
“We have not experienced non-payment of salary for eight months in the last 20years; this is sad and this is due to the massive corruption in the country.’’

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The TUC canvassed the enactment of laws that will give new impetus to the fight against corruption and demanded that all public officers must subsequently declare their assets just as he voiced support of the TUC for special anti-corruption courts.

At a the Osun State rally in Osogbo, South West Nigeria, the Chairman of NLC, Adekomi Jacob maintained that the greatest problem of Nigeria is Corruption as well as misappropriation of funds, saying the NLC is in full support of any move to fight it.

“Corruption erodes the ethical base of the society, as due diligence, excellence, honesty, merit and integrity are discouraged. It breeds all kinds of crimes and social ills, such as: vandalism, armed robbery, kidnapping, youth agitation and restiveness with leads to insecurity.”

Adekomi said that while those who are cautioning the President on anti corruption crusade may be entitled to their opinions, he believes that the rally will go a long way to emboldened the President and make him realize that an average citizen, including Nigerian workers are solidly behind him.

He said corruption must be fought to a standstill as this has led to non-payment of workers’ salaries because of “corrupt practices of state governors, who have gone into heavy borrowing… to carry out huge projects they clearly have no capacity for but use them as conduit pipes to siphon public funds into their personal pockets.”

Yinka Salaam writes from Osun State

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