Operating joint account by couples unIslamic – Shari’a Expert

An Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Tuamiy, says the operation of a joint account by couples is unIslamic and therefore, Muslim couples have been advised against it, or even co-owning a house.

Tuamiy, who is the Chairman of the Shari’ah Panel in Oyo State gave the advice while delivering a lecture at a seminar for Muslim couples in Ile-Ife, Osun State.
According to him, such an act of owing joint account lays the foundation for cheating and injustice towards the wife and the womenfolk in particular.
Quoting from the text of the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad), he said that Allah strongly warned against theft and cheating when He declares: “Oh My servants, I have made injustice unlawful for Myself and for you. So do not wrong one another”.
“Cheating, injustice, oppression or wrongdoing to others are always with their repercussions and consequences,” the Sheikh warned.
Provision for the wife is solemn responsibility of the husband
The Islamic said in the Shari’ah, provision of shelter, feeding, clothing, security and other necessities of life for the comfortability of wife and children is the primary and solemn responsibility of the husband.
He said joint catering for the house rent, food, children feeding, school fees, clothing and others by couples is against the spirit of Shari’ah.
“All wife’s expenses are the obligation of the husband. Then, you should always remember that whatever you spend on your wife or wives and children are sadaqah (charity) for you and you will be equitably rewarded for it by Allah”, the scholar noted.
The Sheikh in his lecture counselled couples never to attempt to jointly build a house, saying that in case such error has been committed, the house solely belongs to the wife, saying, the husband should rather go and build his own (another) house and forfeit the jointly-built one to the wife.
“But if there’s proper and detail documentation of her financial contributions in the joint process, then the man must pay her back before he could lay claim to ownership of such house “, he enlightened.
Sheikh Tuamiy stated that if a husband owns a school and makes his wife work there, he must pay her in tandem with her qualification as paid by the government or standard privately-owned schools in such an environment.
He argued that refusal to pay her is tantamount to fraud, in which case, they must share the profit by ratio 60:40, while she must be the sharer, he stressed.
Loan documentation/repayment in the Shari’ah
The Shari’ah expert further advised couples to document all loans and transactions in dollars or riyals equivalent, or at best in its real value or in concrete form.
Illustrating what he meant by real value or concrete form, he said, “If a husband borrows a sum of N20,000 from the wife as at the time a bag of cement is sold for N2,500, then it must be recorded that the husband had borrowed a total of eight bags of cement.
“Therefore, any time the husband is paying back, he will refund the value of eight bags of cement at such period he is repaying. This is because the Shari’ah recognises the appreciation of both the time and the money”, he submitted.
He however said that it is no sin in the Shari’a if the wife overlooks forgives or forgo any loan she gives to her husband out of love and generosity.
Fair treatment
Advising the husbands, the Chairman of the Oyo State Muslim Community said it is against the spirit of Shari’ah for them to eat anything outside without buying or bringing same for their wives and children.
He established that the woman or the wife has every right to acquire wealth and own properties, with hundred per cent control over its disbursement and management.
Sheikh Tiamiy buttressed his point from Qur’an Chapter 4 verse 19 which reads: “O ye who believe.
It is not lawful for you that you should take women as heritage against (their) will, and do not straighten them in order that you may take part of what you have given them unless they are guilty of manifest indecency, and treat them kindly…”,
He enjoined husbands to always be kind to their wives and pay what is worthwhile as their dowry.
The Sheikh argued that it is more honourable and deserving for men to pay something as much as one thousand riyals or dollars as dowry to their wives when they wanted to marry them, or buy a plot of land in her name, or at worst, give her one-fourth of a dinar (Rubu’u dinar) as stipulated by the Shari’ah.
“This is pay-off and it is far better than the recent practice of giving her a Riyadhul-Soliheen of Two Thousand Five-Hundred Naira  as dowry”, he admonished.
Wive’s obligations…
Similarly, Sheikh Tiamiy emphasised that it is a must for the wife to always take care of herself and often make her home very attractive to the husband anytime he comes home.
He stressed that it is ordained in the Shari’ah that the wife should always respect and honour her husband, as the husband should also reciprocate same.
The Islamic scholar hinted that it is illegal for the wife to reject sex for her husband and vice versa. “Any woman that does so will be cursed by the angels from night till dawn”, he asserted.
Counsel to Muslim couples…
The renowned scholar enjoined Muslim couples never to abuse or curse each other or their parents, describing such practice as haram which is highly frowned at in Islam.
Concluding, Sheikh Tuamiy said couples should always embrace and see each other’s parents and family as his or hers, thereby taking care of them as theirs.
In an address, a senior lecturer in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Dr Shuayb Osunleke told the participants that the lecture was not a “couples seminar”, but a seminar for the couples on very crucial issues and highly disturbing developments among Muslim couples.
By Biodun Adebayo
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