One feared dead as hoodlums clash in Oshodi

One person was feared dead after two neighbourhood gangs clashed in Mafoluku area of Oshodi on Wednesday night.


People running for dear lives under the bridge in Oshodi

Eyewitness account has it that the two factions were fighting over supremacy in the environment.

The fight started from Ayo Motor Park spread to Olaiya Street, Mafoluku where the hoodlums wielded guns and shot at themselves.

The Renaissance gathered that residents and passersby ran for safety while shops were hurriedly locked.

A restaurant operator in the neighbourhood told our reporter that the suprimacy tussle had been going on since Monday.

”Tthis has been on for five days now, and we have been off business since then.

”Our sales are mostly at night, this is a place where people come to relax, drink and work.

”We have been having sleepless night and also most of our properties have been destroyed like cars and shops.

”The police came in late after a while, less movement has been on the road since yesterday and we don’t know how long this would continue,” the food vendor, who did not want her name in print for fear of being attack by the miscreants, said.

Another witness, a trader said: “when this started around 6pm, I locked myself in my shop with some of my costumers and other passers-by.

”We watched them shooting one another; they have been on this fight for years now but these last three days have been worse.

”They usually have physical fight but this time around, its quite different. Some of my goods and properties were destroyed.”

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According to him, one man died during a fracas between two factions of garage tout at Keke Marwa’s park along Oshodi-Airport road, Ajao Estate.

He said some hoodlums seized the opportunity to loot shops.

Efforts to get officers at the Osodi Divisional Police Station to comment on the issue proved abortive as those at the front desk said that other was no superior officer, who can talk around.

But a Police Constable, who confided in our reporter, said that some arrests have been made in connection with the fracas.

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