Olubadan says new kings are fake

The recent crisis rocking the Ibadan traditional institution yesterday deepened as the Olubadan, Saliu Adetunji, declared that he would not recognise the 21 newly- installed monarchs by the Governor of  Oyo State Abiola Ajimobi.

installed 21 new monarchs in Ibadan

21 newly installed  monarchs in Ibadan

Olubadan said this when over 300 Mogajis (family heads) and youths protested against the mass coronation in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

The monarch described the beaded crowns given to the new monarchs by the Oyo State Governor, as “mere carton”.

The Olubadan said: “Those who were crowned some days ago knew within themselves that they are wearing fake crowns. It is just a carton crown. Why can’t they wait for their turn? If you don’t wait for your turn, you will be on the wrong side of destiny.”

The state government had, on August 27 installed members of Olubadan-in-council and 21 Baales as monarchs in Ibadan, in deference to the position of Olubadan who opposed it.

Adetunji described the declaration as a “huge joke” to entertain those who were not familiar with the tradition and culture of the land.

According to him, it took him 40 years to climb the rungs of the ladder that saw him wearing the crown and wondered why his chiefs, who knew the tradition should join in the mockery of the age-long practice that was devoid of crisis.

The Olubadan told the protesters at his Popoyemoja palace that he became Mogaji in 1976 and waited till 2015 to be crowned as Olubadan.

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