Of Them and Me


Damendra might not have failed his time
but Africa bleeds for a mercy on itself
from hatred of kinsman so
from killers of its own dreams.

I ask for why the divisions in clan
and who invented this plan
maybe from the tower of babel
hmmm hatred from start with cain and abel.

Towal1I ask why there’s a me or you
a me or them
but if I care for you
you will surely love them,
I ask why there’s a north or south?
When we all are under same sky!

You ever buried your loved one?
Or see them die helplessly?
ask the refugees in Somalia, ask the oppressed in the middle east,
ask the Christians in North Nigeria,
ask the blacks during slave trade.

I wanna have a round table discussion with God (may God forgive me)
for I wanna ask why He didn’t make us all love like I would love me,
like I would share my
left hand with my right
like my lips to my teeth
like handshakes across the world.

I plead for peace.

By Tayo Tella

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