Nigerians confirm Magu as EFCC Chairman, annul Senate rejection

Nigerians have massively confirmed Mr Ibrahim Magu as the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), just as they  also kicked against the Senate rejection of the anti-graft boss for the second time.

Mr Ibrahim Magu, Acting Chairman of EFCC

Mr Ibrahim Magu, Acting Chairman of EFCC

In a facebook poll conducted by The Renaissance, over 97.6% users want Magu to continue his anti-corruption fight which they believe would succeed if every Nigerians support him.

Only 1.2% stand with the Senate while another 1.2% remains undecided. Both didn’t state reasons.
The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who is also facing corruption charges, refused to confirm Mr Magu as the substantive chairman of the anti-graft agency for the second time.
Saraki claimed that the rejection means Mr Magu is no longer the acting chairman of the EFCC and called on President Muhamadu Buhari to nominate another head for the anti-graft agency.
However, the rejection didn’t go down well with many Nigerians who faulted the Senate action. They described it as an attempt to undermine anti-corruption war.
Olumayowa Gold believed that Magu’s constant rejection has been politicised by some corrupt cabals in the Senate who are afraid of the consequence of their iniquity if the EFCC acting chairman was given the chance to explode at full force.
According to Olawale Ibrahim, there is nothing that implicates this man (Magu) in reports sent to the Senate by DSS.
He said: “There were two reports, the one that was sent last year and the one that was sent to clear him of wrongdoing but the Senate decided to read the one sent last year.
“The man (Magu) was  asked about the house that was bought and furnished for him by one Mr Umar whose integrity is ‘in question’ according to them (Senate).
“The man (Magu) replied by saying that the house belonged to late Dora Akuyuli and the house was sold by Dora’s son when he needed money to travel back to U.K and then rented out.
“He explained further that he knew the  man when they served at a financial committee.
“What else do they want from him?.
Orewole Tasleem said: “The Senate has not provided any tenable reason to the masses for disqualification of Magu other than ambiguous nebulous security reports.
“This is coming from a Senate populated by people of low integrity and honour with cases of corruption before various courts in the country.”
Kehinde Mobolaji argued that if truly Mr Magu was corrupt as indicted, majority of the Nigerian senate would not reject his appointment, stressing that, “because most of them are corrupt.”
Abeeb Audu said since Mr Magu’s reign as chairman, the commission has been recovering loots upon loots of even high profile individuals. Also, he is experienced in the commission, having served under many people and familiar with those that are very corrupt, so they will not ordinarily allow him to continue.
As the discussion continues on facebook, the embattled acting chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu has vowed to continue the fight against corruption, stressing that neither the rejection of his nomination by the Senate nor the report by the DSS that he is ‘unfit’ to head the anti-graft agency can stop him.
By Rasheed Abubakar
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