Nigerian Senate, from Banana Republic to Rotten-Banana

“Escapism is not a valiant virtue; it is in the primary domain of the lily-livered. Nigeria is on slippery slope to damnation and a lot has to be done by President Mohammadu Buhari before the free-fall can be slowed, halted and turn around undertaken.”

Nigeria has progressed from being a Federal Banana Republic under Jonathan to Federal Rotten-Banana Republic now, under President Mohammadu Buhari. The whole federal government political, economic and administrative set up is so decayed and rotten that one can hardly breath.

Nigerians elected APC as majority members of the National Assembly but that majority has been subverted by the old and new PDP led by Bukola Saraki in the Senate and Doagara in the House of Representatives.

Constitutionally, one cannot contest to be member of the Senate or House of Reps without belonging to a political party which should sponsor one. The National Assembly is not supposed to be the rubberstamp of the President but when majority members of the Senate and House of Reps belong to the same party as the President, it means the programmes on which the party won elections would easily be backed up through law-making.

Indeed, Saraki brought the Senate and himself into disrepute through his indiscipline behaviour to become Senate President against the wish of his Party, APC, and by selling out the post of Deputy Senate President to the PDP that was voted out of the majority by the electorates in the Senate. What type of reputation has a Senate President that is undergoing criminal trial for false declaration of assets?

As for Dino Melaye, the minimum educational qualification for him to seek election into the senate, according to the Constitution, Section 65 sub-section 2, is that he has been educated up to at least school certificate level or equivalent and that he has attained the age of 35 years. Even in the appendage to the Constitution, he would still be qualified to contest if INEC is satisfied that he could communicate in written and oral English.

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In a plain language, Dino Melaye does not need to pad his educational qualification to contest for a Senate seat. But Dino Melaye damaged his own reputation by padding his academic qualification and he soaked the current Vice Chancellor of ABU in disrepute by making him to witness before a Senate Committee that he, Dino Melaye, graduated from ABU in 2000 without collecting his Degree paper!! The current Vice Chancellor was not at the University in 2000.

The NYSC certificate produced by Dino Melaye was signed on 8 July 2001 which was a Sunday!! What type of reputation is Dino Melaye claiming, when up till now he is yet to produce his BA or BSc 3rd Class honours in Geography? And this Dino Melaye whose academic degree in geography has evaporated into the air had the gut to declare that Ibrahim Magu is integrity challenged because of a purported DSS report which was debunked by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, after investigation ordered by President Buhari on the report.

Since 2013, Senator Ali Ndume has been on trial for sponsoring Boko Haram. In fact, he swore to an affidavit that his contacts with Boko Haram were facilitated by Vice President to Jonathan, Namadi Sambo, who gave him certain telephone numbers to contact Boko Haram for peace talk. Strange enough, the case has neither been dismissed or concluded till date. In 2013, Ali Ndume was in the PDP but he joined the APC in 2014. He was one of the backbones of Saraki when he disobeyed APC party leadership not to contest for the Senate Presidentship in 2015.

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Under President Mohammadu Buhari’s watch Nigeria is degenerating into a Rotten Banana Republic. His first recommendation to the Senate for the confirmation of Ibrahim Magu, was rejected on the ground that the DSS wrote a negative report on him. The said report was sent by President Buhari to his Attorney General and Minister of Justice for investigation, and the result which debunked the DSS report caused Buhari to resubmit Ibrahim Magu’s name to the Senate for confirmation as EFCC Chairman. Again the DSS wrote to the Senate claiming that Magu is security challenged and should not be confirmed.

The State Security Service and the National Intelligence Agency are not independent of the control of the President. Thus Section 3 (1) and (2) of the National Security Agencies Act, Cap. 74, Vol. II, LFN, 2004 provides, “There shall be appointed for each of the agencies, a principal officer, who shall be known by such designation as the President may determine.” Sub-section 2 states further, “that the principal officers of the agencies shall in the discharge of their functions under this Act (a) in the case of the State Security Service and the National Intelligence Agency, they shall be responsible directly to the President.” If any report by the DSS is rejected by the President, a dis-satisfied DSS should either accept the President’s judgement or resign from office.

The DSS cannot therefore go behind the President to impugn on the integrity of his nominee without first tabling before him their reasons and objections to his nominee. His, President Buhari’s,  lack of reaction to the DSS behaviour in going behind his back to write to the Senate not to confirm Ibrahim Magu, must give cause to wonder, who is actually ruling Nigeria.

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Senators and members of the House of Reps do not have immunity. Law breakers should not be allowed to be lawmakers. Those who steal with impunity are dictators that should democratically be brought to justice.

Even a clueless President Goodluck Jonathan  used state power to force the closure of the Rivers State House of Assembly for almost two years, and he deployed Army and the Police to Ekiti State, where 19 APC members were driven out of the State and seven PDP were allowed to appoint a Speaker and pass the Budget of the State in the House of Assembly.

Escapism is not a valiant virtue; it is in the primary domain of the lily-livered. Nigeria is on slippery slope to damnation and a lot has to be done by President Mohammadu Buhari before the free-fall can be slowed, halted and turn around undertaken.

Comr.A.L. Adeniyi

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