Nigerian Universities Urged to explore Study Opportunities Abroad


Private tertiary institutions in Nigeria have been challenged to explore local and international windows for study programmes with a view to enhancing the quality of their students through requisite exposures.

The Pro Chancellor and the Chairman of the Governing Council of the Fountain University, Osogbo (FUO), Professor Nurudeen Adedipe said this at flag off of a one-year exchange programme between the institution and the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

The programme involved seven Computer Science students of the institution who were embarking on a one year study in Malaysia.

Professor Adedipe congratulated the beneficiaries, the first set of the university to spend their final year in a foreign university.

“The choice of the International Islamic University of Malaysia could not have been better. It is a highly rated university in Malaysia and indeed in the world. They are strong in the course of Islamisation of knowledge and is situated in one of the fastest economy of Asia; our students would definitely benefit from their one year stay,” he stressed.

Professor Adedipe commended the university management for the efforts and resources at taking the existing collaborations of the institution to the next level and urged the students to maximise the rare opportunity to improve on their understanding of various computer languages and programming ability. He also enjoined them to explore their new environment for further opportunities.

“Travelling is like a book, whoever decides not to embark on it would remain on one page, while the takers would traverse the book from the cover to the end,” he enthused.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Bashiru Ademola Raji told the Computer Science students of the institution who were embarking on a one year exchange programme to Malaysia to, in the spirit of the current moral regeneration in the country, ensure that they portray the image of the nation and the university in good light.

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He urged the students to be good ambassadors of the country and refused to be stumbling blocks to other students who are aspiring to study in foreign lands.

“My advice to you student is that you should be good ambassadors of Nigeria and Fountain University. So behave ‘fountainly’. Do not forget that you are still our students here in Fountain University. Do not block the chances of the next set of students and be aware that both good and bad deeds committed in Malaysia are rewardable and punishable over here in FUO.”

The Vice Chancellor told the students that they are bound to face challenges ahead but urged them to persevere to get their heart desires.

“I advised you to persevere no matter how difficult this journey towards seeking broader knowledge and exposure gets, because this is a path loved and blessed by Allah and most hated by Satan and his troops will try everything within their capacity to distract you. Numerous roadblocks are awaiting you on this journey, some to distract you,others to demotivate you, therefore cling to it firmly till the end.….”

Professor Raji who said Fountain University is performing creditably well stated that the institution recently received full operational licence from the Nigeria University Commission (NUC) while all its courses enjoin accreditation from the NUC and professional bodies. He also commended the staff of the Computer Science Department, citing the quality of their graduates.

“Currently, Mr Babatunde Hassan, a 2 Computer Science graduate of FUO is a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship Scheme for First Class Graduates in 2012 and he is currently on M.Sc programme at the University College, London. I assure you of our readiness to explore and develop other academic and research cooperative efforts with our existing collaborative institutions to enhance our teaching, research and learning experience in Fountain University.”

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In an address, Alhaji Kamil Bolarinwa the President of the parent body of the Institution, Nasrullahi il FatIh Society (NASFAT) challenged the students to aspire to come back with the most modern technology in the world, so their names could be written in gold among the computer gurus around the world

Responding to various forms of advise at the send forth ceremony, the appointed Amir (leader) of the students, Afolabi Alausa on behaif of his colleagues, promised the School management, the parents, as well as their well wishers to make Nigeria proud at the end of the one year programme which would have exposed them to the latest knowledge in information technology in the world.

By Adeyinka Aremu

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