Nigeria can achieve as much as UAE – Sen. Lawal


Senate President Ahmed Lawan says Nigeria can achieve as much as the United Arab Emirates(UAE) has achieved with a strong resolve of government and citizens.

Senate President, Ahmed Lawal

Senate President, Ahmed Lawal

Lawan spoke with journalists on sidelines of the 48th National Day ceremony of the UAE on Tuesday in Abuja.
He commended the existing relations between Nigeria and the UAE, saying the friendship between the two countries had been good and progressive over the years.
Lawan also said that Nigeria and UAE had a lot of things going for them, saying that their relationship could be traced to the emergence of the UAE.
According to him, Nigeria has everything to be great and with the right commitment, the country can achieve all her aspirations.
“We will try to give the capacity to our citizens, especially the youths who have the potential.
“We can achieve whatever we want to achieve because all over the world, Nigerians have distinguished themselves in medicine, space technology, name it.
“So it is something that we can put to test in the country; we do not have to allow our people to go outside of the country before they can become the best in the world.
“Most of those who have achieved the best outside of the country are Nigerians who studied here in Nigeria first and they went out to distinguish themselves.
“So it means Nigeria educational system can produce best out of its people.
“What we need to do, as a government, is to keep them around and make Nigeria a better place,” the Senate President said.
He commended UAE’s respect for Nigeria by giving the country a pavilion to showcase its resources in the forthcoming Expo forum scheduled to hold in October 2020 in Dubai.
Lawan said that despite Nigeria’s late registration to participate in the Expos, UAE still considered Nigeria should have one of the biggest pavilions at the expo.
“This is because of the respect they have for this country; I am sure Nigeria will distinguish itself at the expo.”
The Senate President further described both countries as great partners, adding that Nigeria could learn from UAE and that the country could, in turn, learn from Nigeria.
The UAE National Day is celebrated on Dec.2 every year.
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