NGO urges Nigeria to reject Netanyahu’s impending visit to the country

A Civil society organisation, the Center For Human Rectitude, has called on Nigerians to stand up strongly against the impending visit of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu to Nigeria.

The Director of the Center, Mr Yusuf Aweda made the call in a statement e-mailed to The Renaissance on Sunday in Lagos.

Aweda said the Netanyahu’s coming to the country for the first time in 61 years, would bring a greater dent to what is left of  Nigeria’s International values.
“My pen is heavy in lugubrious anger over the impending visit of Israeli Prime Minister to Nigeria.
“This is not a pleasant topic the ink is always enthusiastic about because the man in question represents terror and war crimes on the world stage.
“Netanyahu has been the most rebellious and violator of UN resolutions, human rights and the International law.
“He has unleashed terrorism on the Palestinians over and over, killing their children, women and defenceless men unjustly.
“He has been the vampire, who gives orders for the forceful imprisonment and kidnapping of Palestinian Christian children, Jewish and Muslim children as well as unlawfully occupying their lands, an action that is strictly against the International law.
“Netanyahu gets huge protests against his visits to any country by human rights activists and citizens of visiting countries including the UK and the US despite their government’s support for his unlawful military actions in Palestine,” the statement read in part.
According to the centre, Netanyahu has driven and encouraged racism against Africans and their unfair treatments.
“Even the Christian Africans, who migrated in the name of ‘God’s love’ and the illusion of visiting the land of the so-called ‘chosen people’, have received shared of the Zionist Israel’s venom.
Aweda stated that a lot of questions surrounding why he has refused to visit South Africa and wooing some shanty African countries like Togo with cash for security votes at the UN.
 “South Africa survived apartheid that has given them total freedom with huge support from Nigeria and other fair countries.
“The same apartheid is what Israel is unleashing on the Palestinians.
“When Nelson Mandela died, Netanyahu refused to attend his burial like other world leaders because Mandela and South Africans know too well the pain and the aftermath of the evil of apartheid that is being unleashed on Palestinians by Israel.
“They passed through same and survived it, even after its good leaders and freedom fighter were all unjustly imprisoned and tagged terrorists.
“Hence, the sight of Zionist Israel with its war crimes and innocent blood hovering around it can’t be condoned by a South African that is not alien to the chronicles of their history.
“Mandela once said, ‘Our Freedom is Not Complete until Palestine is free’.
“All these facts are available on the UN resolution database, the International Criminal Court contents, Zionist Israeli violations of the Palestinian rights for over 60 years has documented by the International Human Rights Organisations, Amnesty International documentation of terrorism of Israel on Palestine and other corners of truth in the world.
“If a country is good and not a sponsor of terrorism, illegal occupation of other people’s lands, killing of children and trading their organs for illicit medical purpose, linked with many deadly assassinations than any country as recently released by terrorism experts and assassination researchers and being a sponsor of an apartheid state.
“It won’t take over six decades to visit a country like Nigeria. So when I saw some people’s comments praising his impending visit, I wondered where they got their education,” Aweda stated.
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  1. Oyim Akachi

    Mr. Yusuf should rather channel his anger towards the Nigerian government who seems to have sense of their duty to the masses.
    Yusuf should also study the apartheid practices of South Africa to be better informed before drawing inferences. The Palestinian state is not under Israeli rule and that fact must be firmly appreciated


    Look, u better be careful of ur speech Aweda. Natanyahu has never been deterred at any time from entering the US. Benjamin’s political and diplomatic dexterity has only kept the Palestinians from smashing Israel in their demonic, senseless and raging arrogance. Pls, read well.

  3. Chukwuemeka

    Oga Yusuf,isn’t the same apartheid we Biafrians are suffering in the hands of Nigeria and what have you said about it you acclaimed UN human right activist,Nigeria tagged unarmed and peaciful self realists Biafrians terrorist group and you came here saying all sorts of sermons which describes you as a staunch Muslim.Isreali prime minister is noble man and man of his words and we Biafrians we welcome him emass.

  4. Joe

    You are writing Nonsense. Do you read your bible. Go and read the bible and you will get a clear view of what is happening between the Israeli and the Palestines.

  5. Joshua Orizu

    Oga you must be a religious fanatic without any sense or conscience to such of a man who have fought for the safely n freedom of Jews. You didn’t see any thing wrong with the current administration stance on Biafra and Fulani herdsman? You better be careful

  6. Arthur Ejere

    The Israeli Prime minister is a figure of precision technology and technocracy. I think that we should look and benefit from. Besides, an alliance to destroy terrorism may concretize.

  7. Bright chime

    Mr Yusuf Aweda it seems you personally has hatred for this Israeli prime minister but I would have advised you to keep that to yourself and never have vomited this what you have done.

  8. Mazi

    Nigeria failed as a state because the right people are restricted from the mantle of governance and making self acclaimed and half bake elite to be in power.
    if this man can come on social media and talk bluntly on a world leader like Israeli PM, it shows that fulanilization and islamzation of Nigeria is in blink and @Natanyahu is here to stop it because of #Biafrans, we have suffered in Nigeria, and we shall be emancipated at due time.

  9. Silva Williams

    The prime minister is much welcomed.
    My joy will know no bounds if he will humbly pay Anambra state or any Biafran land a visit.
    Silva said So.

  10. Babawale

    Unfortunately, too many misinformed Nigerians. A leader of an apartheid state is what you are rejoicing over. How do you say about the several damning UN reports against them and the several calls against the apartheid and terrorist state.

    As much as I love the Igbos as Nigerians this irrationality is what keeps you people from prospering as a people in Nigeria. You shout Biafra and lie about apartheid against you but you still can’t establish in your so called Biafra states that is in sham but until you visit Lagos or Kano or ibadan for prosperity, how is that suppose to work if truly there was apartheid against you.

    Isreali Prime minister is a terrorist leader of an apartheid state, period! We don’t want him here in Nigeria.

  11. Olalekan Murisiku

    Sentiments apart, I shared the author’s view on Israel PM’s visit to Nigeria. Netanyahu has been a notorious violator of the International law and resolutions. We don’t need such a war monger in Nigeria. God bless the writer.

  12. Iyabo Emmanuel

    The writer has not done anything wrong, he raised fundamental issues about Israel’s relationship with the people of Palestine.

    There are Muslims and Christians in Palestine but many of you who are pro Israel taught that inhabitants of Palestine are Muslims alone.

    Netanyau’s heinous activities should be condemned by all and sundry. A criminal is a criminal irrespective of his race or religion.

  13. Ibm

    Netanyahu, who is facing criminal charges for corruption and who cannot even form a government because nobody wants to join him in a coalition government after he got a pyrhhic victory and is set for another election after a few weeks should rather stay away from Nigeria. He has no business here

  14. Ibm

    People who sell votes and return 95% of the voted cast for well known corrupt politicians are usually the ardent critics of the government.
    Every time you have the chance to make a change in the trajectory of leadership, you fail woefully because of short-sighted pecuniary benefits. Please let’s stop ranting on social media

  15. MSD

    Well done Mr Aweda for the timely and concise write up. It is only religious bigots who have been blindfolded by their scriptural misinformation will think that Natayahu has any right to kill innocent Palestinian children and women for no just cause.

    He (Benjamin Natayahu) is not welcome in any part of Nigeria; he is a vampire.

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