Nephrologists say Nigerians need not travel abroad for kidney transplant

The President, Nigerian Association ‎of Nephrology, Prof Babatunde Salako, on Monday advised Nigerians not to travel abroad for kidney transplant any longer as the service is now available locally.
Salako gave the advice at a press conference organised by the association for the ‎29th Annual Scientific Conference and General Meeting in Ile-Ife, Osun State.
“Nigeria can now boast of more than 15 years experience in kidney transplant and we can now say boldly that Nigerians need not to travel abroad for kidney transplantation any longer,” he said.
Salako explained that many Nigerians did not trust the healthcare system at home.
“But while some people still repose confidence in the nation’s healthcare system, our challenges remain lack of resources, which is a major constraint in the provision of renal care  services in many parts of the country,” he noted.
He said the conference is aimed to advance the education of renal physicians and other related professionals, support the development of renal research and facilitate the advancement of nephrology in the delivery of high-quality renal care in the country.
He therefore call on the Federal Government to arrest this negative workforce movement by providing appropriate incentives for these category of workers.
“We wish to ask government to ensure that the provision of imminosupressants for transplant patients in Nigeria and 24 dialysis sessions promised via the Nigeria Health Insurance Scheme, (NHIS) is implemented.”
Salako also urged the federal government to ensure that the implementation of the Nigerian Health act is holistic including the part VI which deals with the control of blood, blood products, tissue and gametes in humans which is related transplantation of which that kidney is one.
The association ‎emphasised that the Minister of Health should include the basic screening for kidney disease and it’s putative risk factors in the primary care system currently been planned for the 10,000 wards all over nigeria.
And this will reduce the burden of kidney diseases and it’s risk factors in future a process that is capable of saving the country a huge sum of money for treatment of this condition.
Annual Scientific Conference.
From Saheed Adeyemi, Osogbo.
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